'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 20 Recap - 'Engagement'

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 20 Recap - 'Engagement'

Someone gets engaged, someone falls pregnant, someone gets fired and someone gets killed. There’s a lot going down in the Hamptons this week. Try to keep up!

Second chances: Emily is ready to give her future with Daniel a second go; the ring is back on and it looks as if the two are headed for happily ever after. (If only poor Danny boy knew the truth.)

As a sign of her reestablished commitment, Emily plans an elaborate rooftop dinner for two, where she asks her fiancé join her in Paris for an indefinite romantic rendezvous. She bought two one-way tickets, which means Daniel will need to give up his seat at the helm of Grayson Global if he wants a fresh start with his ladylove.

Good news travels fast: Daniel can't wait to share the news with his parents, and while Victoria was none too thrilled, Conrad couldn't be more excited. Not only is Emily financially loaded and able to secure Daniel’s future should something go wrong with the Grayson fortune (foresight much?), this engagement news could be good for Conrad’s campaign. After Daniel instructs his assistant to leak the news to Huffington Post, Conrad asks Daniel to delay announcing his intended departure from Grayson Global until after the election. A shake-up that big at the top of the company  could prove to be bad for business.

But there’s one last thing to do: As he starts winding down in his role as CEO, Daniel fires Aiden after learning his father was a baggage handler on Flight 197—the very same man suspected of placing the bomb on the plane. Aiden isn’t at all prepared for this leak of his private information, and he knows exactly who it came from—Takeda.

Victoria’s not the only one unhappy about the impending marriage: Even though he OK’ed it previously, Aiden’s clearly not too happy about his secret girlfriend being engaged to someone else, even if it’s just a farce. (Problem with wanting revenge—jealousy doesn’t have a place in the plot.)

Special delivery: Ever since Victoria publicly acknowledged the existence of the child she gave up for adoption, Grayson Manor has been inundated with letters from men claiming to be Patrick, her long lost son. She sits down to go through them, citing mother’s intuition—she’ll know which (if any) is the real letter when she comes across it.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 20 Recap - 'Engagement'

Ashley advises Jack: Now that she’s back in good graces with Conrad, Ashley prompts Jack to show the incriminating photo of Conrad and the current governor’s wife to Victoria instead of leaking it to the press—a rift between the already-strained husband and wife would wreak far more havoc.

Victoria takes it upon herself to visit Alison Stoddard in person, assuming that she and Conrad have been having an illicit affair. Victoria couldn't be more wrong—she tells Victoria that her liaisons with Conrad are completely innocent; in fact, she’s feeding Conrad information so that he’ll get elected instead of her husband. Governor Stoddard is in such poor health; he won't survive another term. Alison offers Victoria one last piece of advice—don’t let Conrad do more than one term either. This job is a practical death sentence; far too strenuous for all parties involved.

Their supposedly private conversation was later leaked to the press; it looks like Conrad's going to be elected governor after all.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 20 Recap - 'Engagement'
Nolan is needed: Not only is the tech wizard busy trying to help Victoria track down her firstborn son, he’s also helping Aiden drain the Grayson’s bank account. This has to be done now—as soon as the board finds out about the connection of Aiden’s father and Flight 197, they’ll remove him from his treasurer role. But there’s an issue—the Fa1c0n put a secret super-hard-to-crack code on that account. Nolan has absolutely no idea how to hack it, so he goes to visit Edith Long in jail and offers to help get her out of jail. She shares a few pertinent things with him:

1) Victoria is lying about needing Nolan to track down Patrick. Lady Grayson actually paid her estranged son $5 million to vanish several years ago.

2) After Nolan passed Carrion on to Padma to give to the Initiative, Edith tweaked the code so only she can make it work. Carrion is actually her ‘get out of jail free’ card so to speak. Basically, either Nolan makes good on his offer to help spring her from the pen, or the Initiative will. It all depends on who wants her help bad enough.

3) She gives Nolan a riddle to solve if he wants access to the Amanda Clarke foundation bank account, which is where the Graysons have stashed all of their money. If Nolan really wants the code, it’s actually hiding in plain sight.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 20 Recap - 'Engagement'
It’s party time: We all know how much the Grayson’s love throwing a big bash; their latest celebration is being held that night to fête Daniel and Emily’s re-engagement.

After Victoria makes a big speech sarcastically congratulating the couple, she pulls Emily aside to tell her that she knows something is off—Victoria knows a woman in love when she sees one, and Emily clearly isn’t. Emily turns the conversation back on Victoria by bring it up David Clarke and the guilt she must feel about her own love and betrayal when she looks out at he and Faux-manda’s old house from her estate each day.

Charlotte gone wild: She’s back off the wagon and has been busy blowing Declan off to hang with her new friend Regina—the girl she punched at the masquerade and was later spotted kissing outside of a nightclub. Despite being in a dark place, Charlotte agrees to be Emily’s maid of honor.

Daniel’s little sister is still too mad at Victoria for hiding a third child, so she decides to skip Daniel’s engagement party in lieu of a night out at the club with Regina. She stumbles out of the club feeling sick and runs into Declan who has come to see if she’s OK and escort her back home. She’s not; she vomits and catches the eye of a police officer that knows she’s underage. She’s promptly arrested but Daniel bails her out. She also drops a bomb in his lap—she wasn't drunk, she's pregnant. BOOM.

Party day is also payday: Emily heads back into the party and runs into her somber-looking fiancé. Daniel tells her that he had to fire Aiden earlier that day. Conrad approaches the two and hands Daniel a rather large check; he’s liberated his son’s trust fund from the family bank account and he’s free to do with his money as he pleases. After thanking his father, Daniel offers Conrad a word of warning against Aiden—remove his access from all of their accounts immediately.

Emily vs. Takeda: He’s at the party so Emily pulls him aside to tear him a new one. How dare he hang Aiden out to dry? That could potentially jeopardize her entire plan; Takeda has put them all in danger.

Takeda sees it differently. He tells Emily that she needs to focus without Aiden, who should have never been involved. He also tells Emily that the Initiative is planning a second strike and he wants to handle that alone.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 20 Recap - 'Engagement'

Jack vs. Emily: Takeda leaves Emily alone on the porch and Jack soon joins her. Earlier Victoria let it slip that Daniel and Emily’s first engagement was called off because Ashley caught Jack and Emily kissing. Jack wants to know what’s different this time—since Amanda is gone and resting in peace, they could potentially start again. (If he didn't hate her so much, of course.)

Emily tells him that one day she’ll explain, but for now he needs to watch out for Victoria and not to trust her. Jack says he’s tired of all of her secrets and half-truths; Jack asks her to leave him alone so that she can go and be with her new family and he can focus on his.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 20 Recap - 'Engagement'

Filling Nolan in: Next up is Nolan on the porch; he steps outside to debrief Emily on everything he learned from the Fa1c0n about Patrick and Carrion. Emily in turn tells him about all about Aiden, Takeda and the Initiative.

In the midst of their convo, Nolan realizes Emily unwittingly gave him the answer to the Fa1c0n’s riddle—Street Fighter! Her high score on the game is the numeric passkey to Carrion. He heads to Broklyn to retrieve it.

The showdown: Takeda turns up at Aiden’s place of residence and tells Aiden that his carelessness coupled with his love for Emily could be the downfall for them all. Takeda wants Aiden to abort his role in the mission immediately, but Aiden threatens to tell Emily his true mission if Takeda tries and kick him off of the team.

That doesn’t go over too well and Takeda draws two swords. There’s a fight to the death and it’s Takeda who’ll soon be six feet under. Looks like Aiden can carry on as planned.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 20 Recap - 'Engagement'

The second showdown: Victoria turns up at the Stowaway to confront Jack on trying to ruin Conrad’s campaign. She knows Jack secretly hates the Grayson family but she doesn't understand exactly why he’s hell bent on keeping Conrad out of the governor’s mansion.

Jack comes clean and tells her that Conrad ordered Amanda’s murder. Victoria wants proof, so he gives it to her in the form of the audiotape of Conrad’s suspicious conversation with Nate Ryan.

Going bankrupt: Aiden meets up with Nolan to bleed the Grayson’s dry—now that Nolan has the correct code from the Fa1c0n, all they need is Aiden’s treasurer administration password to actually access the account.

But just as they’re about to hit enter, Emily walks into the offices of NolCorp to plead with the savvy duo—it’s too early in their plot to take this big a step. But she’s actually too late—she can't even get her full sentence out before Aiden brings the Grayson’s net worth down to zero with a single keystroke.

New York goes black: Just like that, the lights go out everywhere. All of New York—Manhattan, the Stowaway, even the jail where the Fa1c0n is currently residing—is experiencing a blackout. No one knows why except for Edith. See, when Nolan used that riddle code to bottom out the Grayson’s bank account, it set off a rather sinister chain reaction. It also activated Carrion.

And now, the questions—inquiring minds want to know:

-What exactly was Takeda’s true mission? Will we ever be privy to that detail?

-Now that the Graysons are bankrupt, how are they going to stay afloat?

-What will Victoria do with the information she got from Jack?

-What exactly is Carrion’s purpose?