'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 21 Recap - 'Truth, Part One'

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 21 Recap - 'Truth, Part One'

We're in the homestretch of Conrad's gubernatorial campaign and Murphy's Law is in full effect. Everything's going wrong! Here's what happened during the first hour of Revenge's second season two-part finale.

The power fades to black: All of greater New York City has been plunged into complete and utter darkness, thanks to Nolan and Aiden triggering the onset of Carrion when they emptied the Grayson’s bank account. Without electricity, everyone is stuck right where they were—Emily, Aiden and Nolan are at NolCorp trying to figure out a way to save Aiden’s life now that his administration password linked him directly to Carrion; Daniel and Charlotte are wandering the gridlocked streets of Manhattan trying to get back to Conrad’s campaign headquarters and discussing her pregnancy; Declan and Regina are bickering after being locked inside of an ATM entryway by the electronic doors; and Victoria is at the Stowaway with Jack discussing whether or not Conrad may have had something to do with Amanda Clarke’s murder.

The search is on: Victoria and Jack navigate through the darkness over to Grayson Manor where they search Conrad’s office for the laptop that went missing aboard the boat Faux-manda was killed on. They come up empty-handed, but Jack mistakenly lets Victoria know that Ashley is working on Jack’s team behind Conrad’s back. He also tells her that he plans to leak the audiotape of Conrad and Nate Ryan to the press at Conrad’s last speech before the election. Hey, timing is everything.

Aiden needs to go AWOL ASAP: As soon as the power comes back on, the Grayson's will realize what happened and the Feds will be on to Aiden. If he has any chance of staying out of prison and off of the Initiative’s radar, he needs to get missing fast. When Nolan tries to login to Carrion to track what’s going on, he realizes it’s been reprogrammed by the Fa1c0n, so it’ll take a lot more time and a diagnostic test to get back into the program. The test can run on it's own, so Emily decides it’s time for them to go and find Takeda.

The power’s back on: Regina is watching the kiss she shared with Charlotte on her phone when Declan realizes that she’s actually in love with his girlfriend! He threatens to tell Charlotte just as the lights come on. To get back at him, Regina stuffs the $3,000 in Declan’s pocket as she pushes past him and runs out of the bank.

Over at Conrad’s campaign headquarters, Daniel and Charlotte have just made it there. Charlotte heads up to Conrad’s suite to rest and Conrad tells Daniel to stay far away from Grayson Global today—the Initiative may be behind the power failure and have kicked off their next plot.

Several revelations: Conrad hops in his chopper to head up to the Hamptons and pick up Victoria. They have a chat over breakfast, where she reveals to him Jack’s somewhat diabolical (yet childlishly comical) plot to destroy him, as well as the fact that Ashley is actually in on it.

Before they head back into the city, Victoria dumps a file from Conrad’s safe in the trash. Inside she finds a positive pregnancy test.

Over at Takeda’s house, Emily and Nolan find Takeda dead by the sword. She’s devastated. They find Takeda’s infinity box; inside it are photos of a young Japanese woman and an unidentified man. Perhaps he’s responsible for Takeda’s death? If so, he’s probably going to clean house and try to kill Aiden or Emily as well…

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 21 Recap - 'Truth, Part One'

More lies: Back at campaign headquarters, Declan shows up to check on Charlotte. Regina's there; she's lied to Charlotte and told her that Declan attacked her in the ATM vestibule and stole the bail money. She'd hidden it in his pocket. Declan is escorted out by security, but Charlotte doesn't look like she's buying it.

Save the mainframe: Daniel ignored Conrad's advice and went over to Grayson Global anyway. He's talking to the tech team, begging them to get the company's servers back online and re-secured ASAP. The news is on in the background; they now know the blackout was caused by a cyber-attack that began in Tunisia and Bahrain; two countries where Grayson Global just acquired businesses at the advice of Aiden.

Victoria turns up to yell at Daniel about the pregnancy test—she thinks it was Emily’s. But her face drops when she learns it’s actually Charlotte’s.

Conrad’s on to Ashley: Thanks to the tip from Victoria, Conrad tests Ashley’s loyalty by telling her that Jack isn’t allowed inside of headquarters and not to tip him off. As soon as he turns his back, he sees Ashley walking away while immediately texting Conrad’s plan to Jack. (Couldn't she play it off for at least five minutes?!)

A showdown: Over at Aiden’s house, Emily is happy to see him alive and preparing to leave town. She shows Aiden the photo of the unidentified man and her plan to hunt him down, but she realizes that Aiden was the one that killed Takeda when he pleads with Emily to drop her revenge plot and run away with him.

She’s understandably furious, until Aiden explains that Takeda was using Emily for his own re-vengeance, not hers. Turns out, Takeda’s fiancée had boarded Flight 197 at the last minute and sat in the jump seat, which is why she isn’t listed as being on board the plane. There were actually 247 people that died that day, not 246 as reported.

Emily is still pissed—why didn't Aiden tell her the truth ages ago? She tells him to leave town ASAP before she runs off to try and stop Daniel tying Aiden to this whole mess.

When she arrives at Grayson Global, Emily sees Daniel chatting with the tech guy—it's the same mystery man that was in the Takeda’s photo! She tries to catch up to him before the elevator closes, but she’s too late. DAMN!

Another Porter nuisance: Security tells Jack that someone named Porter was caught sneaking into the backdoor. Conrad assumes it’s Jack, but it’s actually Declan who was coming back to see Charlotte. Victoria pulls Declan away from Conrad and breaks the news about Charlotte’s pregnancy. Declan is understandably shook, especially when Victoria threatens him and tells him to never show his face around her home again.

Meanwhile, Jack is preparing to head into the city for Conrad’s press conference when he receives a text from Ashley, stating that she found Conrad’s laptop and to meet her at Grayson Global. Only the text wasn’t from Ashley—it was from Conrad. He swiped her phone and sent it.

Nolan and Aiden: They’re over at NolCorp where Nolan is furiously working to get back into Carrion; Aiden reveals that he is the one who killed Takeda. Poor Nolan is completely shook. Aiden asks Nolan to give something to Emily, and tells him that he was foolish for assuming that Emily would abandon her revenge for love. Nolan tells Aiden that she has before—she did it last year for Jack. Aiden is heartbroken and bids adieu to Nolan.

Charlotte vs. Regina: The two friends have taken a walk to get some fresh air before Conrad’s big speech; Charlotte is questioning Regina about the fight she supposedly had with Declan. Then he calls and tells Charlotte that Regina is in love with her, and to check her phone for proof—the video of the two kissing was downloaded so that Regina can watch it over and over and over again. Charlotte asks to see her phone, but Regina says no. That’s when Charlotte realizes that she’s lying and ends their friendship.

Declan also reveals that he learned about the pregnancy from Victoria. Charlotte looks shell-shocked—she has no idea how Victoria even knows.

Clueing Nolan in: Emily hurries over to NolCorp to tell Nolan about the guy Takeda was tracking pretending to be IT for Grayson Global. Nolan hands Emily the envelope from Aiden, which proves his story about Takeda having his own re-vengeance. That’s when Jack Porter calls—he’s almost at Grayson Global and needs Nolan’s help cracking the laptop password.

The phone cuts out, and Emily and Nolan are confused—she threw that laptop into the ocean herself. Meanwhile, Nolan’s computer gets a hit on the mystery man’s photo—he’s a German assassin. They realize Jack is walking right into a trap and run after him. And with good reason; we see Jack walking towards the building and Conrad watching him from his campaign headquarters.

Nolan sees he has bars on his phone and stays behind to try and reach Jack by phone. Emily keeps on running—she’s determined to reach Jack in time.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 21 Recap - 'Truth, Part One'

Jack gets off the elevator and sees no one is there. He gets an alert on his phone and checks it. We see Emily still running.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 21 Recap - 'Truth, Part One'

An explosion: Conrad’s up on the podium with Daniel and Victoria to give his long-awaited speech. The mystery IT man appears in the crowd and gives Conrad a telling nod.

Everyone in the audience gets text messages that read, “Long Live David Clarke.” While they’re trying to make sense of it all, Conrad is busy looking up at his offices from afar. KABOOM. The 27th floor blew up, just before Emily reached the building.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 21 Recap - 'Truth, Part One'

And now, the questions—inquiring minds want to know:

-Is Aiden really leaving town? He’s come so far in helping Emily with her plot—it would be a shame to see him leave without seeing it through.

-Who sent the “Long Live David Clarke.” text messages blast?!

-Will Conrad ever be held accountable for his dastardly actions?

-Was Jack still inside of the building when it blew?