'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 22 Recap - 'Truth, Part Two'

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 22 Recap - 'Truth, Part Two'

The aftermath of the Grayson Global bomb has caused one hell of a trickle down effect. Here's what happened during the second half of the season two finale of Revenge.

The search for Jack: In the aftermath of the explosion, Nolan catches up to Emily who’s heading inside to make sure Jack is OK. Nolan tells her he’s going back to NolCorp to check on his systems, and the two split.

Aiden gets ahold of Nolan, who tells him that Emily is in the building looking for Jack. Aiden tells Nolan he’s on his way there, but Nolan suggests he stays away—the Graysons will try and pin this on him, too. Of course Aiden doesn’t listen.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 22 Recap - 'Truth, Part Two'

First response: Crafty people can always find a glimmer of good amongst destruction. Conrad takes advantage of being in close proximity to the bomb by taking charge and putting on one hell of a strong show for the media, all in the name of his gubernatorial campaign, of course. 

The search for Jack: Emily has made it inside of the building and up to Grayson Global offices to look for Jack. She hears someone inside groaning in pain, and just as she goes to help him, a fireman pulls her away.

Over at NolCorp, Nolan has activated his tracking servers to trace Jack’s cell phone and he sees it’s only ten feet away from him. Jack is there, and says he got Nolan’s message in time. He also wonders how Nolan knew about the bomb in the first place. Nolan tells Jack the story of the Fa1c0n, and how she’s responsible for downing Flight 197 and the demise of David Clarke, and most likely the bomb that almost took his life today.

Jack leaves to go look for Ashley since she sent him the text luring him to the building. When he finds her, she tells him that it wasn't her and he believes her. He asks Ashley to not mention that she saw him to anyone; the only thing he has working for him now is the fact that Conrad thinks he’s dead.

Keeping watch: Daniel sees Emily being guided out of the building by fireman and runs to her aid. She covers her tracks by telling him she was inside of the building looking for him. She lies and tells him she’s going to seek medical help and asks him to stay behind to help everyone else. She reaches Nolan, who tells him that Jack is alive and on his way to tear Ashley a new one.

Emily heads over to campaign headquarters and sees Ashley and Jack’s exchange from afar. Ashley assures Jack that she had nothing to do with it, and Victoria must have told Conrad all about his plan. Jack heads back to NolCorp and informs Ashley that she can find him through Nolan. Emily follows him there.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 22 Recap - 'Truth, Part Two'

A fight: Back outside of the Grayson Global building, a fireman informs Conrad that they found someone on the 27th floor still alive. Just then, Daniel and Conrad spot Aiden, who has turned up to look for Emily. The two cause a scene with a scuffle, and when Daniel breaks free to alert the cops of Aiden’s massive misbehavior, Aiden slips away.

Victoria locates Charlotte in the crowd and pulls her over to Conrad, who calls the chopper to take the two back home to the Hamptons. While he’s on the phone, the heavily injured man from upstairs is wheeled past the trio on the gurney. It’s Declan Porter. Pregnant Charlotte is incredibly distraught—Victoria accompanies her to the hospital, but not before looking at Conrad with utter contempt.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 22 Recap - 'Truth, Part Two'

It’s time to trust: Back at NolCorp, Nolan proves the text did come from Ashley’s phone, and inquires why Jack would trust her. Just then, Ashley calls to tell Jack that Declan was injured in the blast. Nolan still doesn’t trust Ashley, so Emily (who just turned up at NolCorp) offers to smuggle Jack into the hospital unseen.

Jack is furious that Nolan involved Emily in their plot to bring down Conrad, but Nolan tells Jack that he and Faux-manda trusted Emily with their lives, and he should, too.

The two head over to the hospital and Emily gives Jack a disguise and tells him the easiest way for him to get into the hospital. She heads in to distract Victoria and Charlotte in the waiting room so that Jack can sneak by sight unseen.

They inform Emily that only family can get an update on Declan, and that no one can reach Jack. In fact, Conrad has absolutely everyone looking for him. (Of course he does.)

Jack sneaks into Declan’s room and tells him all about the bomb. Declan, in turn, tells Jack about Charlotte’s pregnancy. Jack is none too pleased.

Time to say goodbye: Emily arrives back at her beach house in the Hamptons to find Aiden waiting for her on the dark porch (out of sight of Grayson Manor, of course.) He makes one last pea with her to leave with him, but she declines his offer. He tells her that he knows she was ready to quit for Jack last year, but she explains that that was a different time in her life, too much has happened since then—her plan needs to be seen through.

Aiden gives Emily a key to a villa in Capri, where he’ll join her should she ever decide to give it all up. They embrace before Aiden says his goodbyes and slips away into the darkness.

Nolan turns up the next morning to check on Emily, who’s pissed at him for telling Aiden about Jack. He apologizes but explains that he had no idea it was a secret.

He also asks how Jack is doing, and the two realize that Jack’s gone missing. Both of them thought he was with the other! Emily and Nolan set off to find him before he causes more trouble.

Charlotte’s turn: Declan’s ready to see visitors and Charlotte is allowed into the room. She apologizes for believing Regina over him, and the two are happy to start their lives together as a family one Declan is healthy and released.

Wipeout: Conrad and Daniel are surveying the damage at the Grayson Global offices, when Daniel tells Conrad that Aiden was responsible for everything—even wiping out the bank account that had all of their money in it. Since Daniel never cashed his inheritance check, they have not one dime to their name. Conrad doesn’t seem too concerned—he’s just happy that he still has his family.

He also mistakenly lets Daniel know that he knew about the bomb when Daniel tells him that he still intends to move to Paris with Emily. Conrad tells him that’s no longer an option—he needs to stick behind to keep up appearances with family.

Matters of the heart: We see Declan speaking with his doctor—apparently his heart is under stress and they need to get him in with a heart surgeon for a surgery as soon as possible. Nolan overhears and is shocked to learn that Declan may not make it. Declan lied to Charlotte so that he could see her smile one last time; he doesn’t want her last memory of him to be of him sick in the hospital.

Yet another showdown: Emily heads over to Grayson Manor to search for Jack, and finds Victoria watching the news. The two exchange several cross words before turning their focus back to the television—Aiden Mathis has been apprehended at the Canadian border.

Victoria heads to the guesthouse where Daniel lives to tell him the good news about Aiden’s arrest. Daniel tells her there’s no good news there; in fact, Conrad knew that the Initiative planted the bomb.

She heads back up to the mansion where sees greeted by a gloating Conrad. Disgusted, she tells him that she knows everything, and he explains to her that there is no Initiative. It’s really just a crew of crafty businessmen who know how to profit off of catastrophe—when disaster strikes, people can be counted on to spend their hard earned money. Since they can’t predict acts of God, they can play God so that they can control their profits. Despicable, but savvy.

Victoria is pissed, but Conrad tells her to suck it up and be by his side later tonight—it’s non-negotiable.

Declan’s dead: Jack sneaks back into the hospital and sees Nolan is the only one in Declan’s room. Nolan shows Jack a video of Declan saying his goodbyes; he didn’t make it. Jack collapses into a fit of tears before declaring war on Conrad Grayson.

Nolan pulls himself together and calls Emily to tell her the bad news. She’s devastated and heads off to find Jack—she knows exactly where she’s going.

Jack’s got himself a gun: Jack pulls a gun on Victoria over at Grayson Manor; she tells him that she knew nothing about the bomb, but he isn’t buying it.

Still yet, he lets her go. Jack wants her to live a long life full of pain. He has other plans for her husband.

Aiden’s off: The FBI tells Aiden that he’s free to go; they’re taking the investigation in another direction. Their current suspect? Nolan. He’s arrested at NolCorp for treason against the United States!

Meanwhile, Aiden makes his way to the Hamptons and greets Daniel when he comes looking for her. The two get into a scuffle with Aiden coming out on top. He offers Daniel a second chance if he allows Emily to leave with him tonight. Daniel doesn’t say anything; he’s busy staring at the gun on the floor.

Nolan’s demise: The Feds are questioning Nolan about his involvement with Carrion, going so far back as to inquire about his visits to David Clarke in prison several years ago. Nolan tries to explain the Initiative and the Fa1c0n’s involvement to them, but they’re not buying it. Why? Before Padma was executed, she was forced to make a tape fingering Nolan as the Initiative.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 22 Recap - 'Truth, Part Two'

Certain victory: The news channels are projecting success for Conrad’s campaign. Emily arrives at the party and informs Ashley that Declan is dead, and Ashley tells her that she gave Jack a press pass so that he could see Conrad’s face when the tape of he and Nate Ryan conspiring abruptly plays during his acceptance speech. Emily tells Ashley not to let Conrad go out on the stage; Jack is actually there to kill him.

Daniel arrives at campaign headquarters as promised so that he can stand by his father’s side at the podium. He asks for a new shirt; he’s hiding a huge bloodstain on the one he’s currently wearing.

'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 22 Recap - 'Truth, Part Two'

Problem. Ashley doesn't stop Conrad from taking to the stage. She lets Conrad continue on as planned after he happily admits to deciding to take full advantage of Declan’s death and capitalize on the moment in his speech.

Back over at Grayson Manor, Victoria is watching Conrad’s speech when the doorbell rings. It’s her long lost son, Patrick.

Emily continues to hunt for Jack Porter and finds him on the balcony taking aim at Conrad. She stops him just in the nick of time and tells him to look at her—he has to know that she’s the real Amanda Clarke.

And now, the questions—inquiring minds want to know:

-How will Jack feel about Emily, now that he knows whom she really is?

-Will Charlotte keep the baby after learning that Declan has passed away?

-What’s going to happen to poor Nolan? He’s not cut out for jail.

-What will the appearance of Patrick mean for the somewhat penniless Grayson family?