‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 14 Recap - ‘Sacrifice’

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 14 Recap - ‘Sacrifice’
(ABC) Revenge season 2, episode 14 - "Sacrifice"

It’s Labor Day in the Hamptons! Instead of fully enjoying their swanky annual holiday party, the Graysons are busy covering up their biggest criminal coup to date—the murder of Helen Crowley from the Initiative. (Seems like something catastrophic always happens to the Grayson family and friends on Labor Day.)

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 14 Recap - ‘Sacrifice’

Three on a honeymoon is one too many: Last time we saw Amanda Clarke (otherwise known as Faux-manda) and Jack Porter, they’d just set sail on their honeymoon in their boat, The Amanda. Only the happy couple wasn’t alone—Nate Ryan, bitter about Faux-manda stymying his unfair bid to snatch ownership of the Stowaway (the couple’s bar situated in the Montauk harbor), is secretly along for the ride. (The owners of the Stowaway have a stowaway—how ironic!)

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 14 Recap - ‘Sacrifice’

He surprises the newlyweds and points a gun to their heads, demanding Faux-manda hand over the damning evidence she has against Conrad, which is what stalled their deal. She plays dumb and Nate heads off to call Conrad, leaving her a few moments to tell Jack that he should follow her lead so that they can kill Nate and get rid of him and this drama once and for all. Nothing’s wrong with a little wishful thinking, I suppose.

Jack steers to boat a little closer to shore so that Nate can get a stronger signal on his cell phone. He gets ahold of Conrad who tells him that he’ll make it worth is while if he retrieves Faux-manda’s laptop and kills her. Nate heads back up to asks her where it is, and she tells him the truth about the manipulative Graysons and how they’re just using him; when he’s done their bidding, they’ll dispose of him too. Meanwhile Jack is below deck, and has booted up Declan’s personal laptop—they use it to lure and lock Nate downstairs by pretending it’s the laptop Conrad wants. Jack and Faux-manda use these precious seconds to inflate a life raft, but their escape is cut short when Nate starts firing through the door. Jack catches one of the bullets in his torso.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 14 Recap - ‘Sacrifice’

Emily to the rescue: Cue the heroine to swoop in at the last minute to save the day. Emily Thorne drops by the Stowaway to retrieve her earrings she loaned Faux- manda on her wedding day, and spies Nate hiding in the background of a wedding photo taken by Jack’s little brother Declan—it was conveniently loaded on Charlotte Grayson’s computer. Realizing the happy couple is in serious danger, she calls Nolan for help and they scurry off to set sail and find Amanda and Jack.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 14 Recap - ‘Sacrifice’

Talk about perfect timing!: Just as they’re nearing The Amanda, Emily and Nolan find Jack writhing in pain on the life raft—Faux-manda pushed him onto it and released him out to sea so that he can drift off to shore safely and she can finish Nate off herself. (Side note: I wonder if she knew Jack would be saved? A bleeding man on a flimsy life raft just screams ‘vultures-please-swoop-down-and attack-me’!) Nolan rushes Jack to shore for medical attention, while Emily joins Faux-manda on The Amanda for a good old-fashioned showdown.

The fight to the death: Faux-manda, Emily and Nate tussle and trade bullets for a bit; one hits Nate, the other hits a propane tank. Nate falls below deck and realizes that this is a battle he’s going to lose. In his last attempt at destroying Faux-manda, Nate lights his lighter and sends the boat up in flames, but not before Faux-manda has a chance to push Emily overboard and save her life.

Miraculously, Faux-manda makes it off the boat alive, too—but just barely. She soon succumbs to her fatal injuries, but lives long enough to tell Emily to take care of her baby son and her husband. Emily cries while reminiscing about their lengthy past; she buries Faux-manda at sea and fires a flare gun so that she can be brought to safety.

Conrad for Governor!: Meanwhile back on shore, and not content with just being a super-successful multimillionaire businessman and head of Grayson Global, Conrad Grayson has now put his hat in the ring for the coveted gubernatorial gig. (It seems like quite the logical step, no?)

Victoria is victorious: After killing Helen Crowley last week, Victoria knows that the Initiative will soon catch on to what happened, so she uses their own devices to stay two steps ahead of them. She and Daniel have a fake argument in the Grayson Global offices, which they both secretly know has been bugged. It throws the Initiative off the scent, but not for long.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 14 Recap - ‘Sacrifice’

Introducing Mr. Trask: Helen’s colleague Mr. Trask comes to the Grayson’s Labor Day party to try and track down Helen, since she was last seen alive at their Hamptons compound. Victoria and Conrad do what they do best—lie. They blame Faux-manda for Helen’s disappearance. Victoria has even hidden Helen’s scarf and cell phone under their marital bed at the Stowaway where the newlyweds live. Isn’t she clever?

Poor Padma: Nolan’s CFO/on-again, off-again girlfriend is the next pawn in the Initiative’s sick game. Her father is being held captive unless she can deliver a top- secret software program called Carrion that Nolan invented years ago. Padma receives a call from Mr. Trask who explains to her that she’ll no longer be working with Helen, and reminds her of her duties. She says she won’t do anything else until she knows whether or not her father is still alive. Trask tells her to look in the box that was just delivered. Her father’s finger is inside. (Ew.)

And now, our questions—inquiring minds want to know:

-Will the Initiative believe the Graysons about everything they’ve just pinned on Faux-manda?

-Will Nolan ever finish writing the sequence on Carrion? AS of now, the last strain of this highly-classified program only exists in his head, but will he be forced to finish it to save Padma’s father’s life?

-Now that Faux-manda is dead and gone (finally!), will Emily and Jack finally get together? She is his son Carl’s godmother, and she’s the one Jack fell in love with all those years ago…

-Also, when will she tell him that she’s the real Amanda?! Isn’t it about time to let him in on the plan? Hasn’t he proved himself enough?
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