‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

Now that Faux-manda’s dead and buried, it’s back to business as usual for everyone; devious scheming for Victoria and Conrad, and pure unadulterated vengeance for Emily, Nolan and Aiden.

Faux-manda Clarke gets her own foundation: Victoria calls newly widowed Jack to offer her condolences by setting up a charitable foundation in Amanda’s name to honor her memory. Jack accepts her offer and asks that it be named after Amanda Clarke, not Amanda Porter, as she’d recently become known.

Emily finds out about the burgeoning charity through Charlotte and heads over to Grayson Manor to present Victoria with a $250 million check before asking to be co-chair.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

Introducing Eli: Looks like there’s a new villain, ahem, resident in town; Eli James, Amanda’s foster brother, whom we met last week. He shows up at Grayson Manor to introduce himself to Victoria while Emily is there. Eli sees her and says she looks familiar; Emily reminds him that they met at the cemetery, but the look on Eli’s face says otherwise.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

Victoria hands Eli a few photos of Faux-manda and the baby. Eli asks to meet Charlotte, but since she’s at school, Victoria offers to direct him towards the Stowaway so that he could meet her husband Jack and baby.

Emily overhears Eli telling Victoria he heard the news about Faux-manda’s death when he was on his way back from London on an antique book buying trip, which Emily later tells Nolan she suspects is a lie. He offers to look into him for her, now that he’s free to focus on other things, since Padma is in seclusion while waiting to hear the fate of her father after she decided to give the Carrion program to the Initiative.

Emily then heads over to the Stowaway to try and talk to Jack before Eli gets there, but she’s too late. Eli has already told Jack that Amanda actually hated her father growing up, which confuses him since she came back to the Hamptons specifically to avenge David’s death.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

‘You looking pretty good for a dead girl’: The jig is up. While at the Stowaway, Emily chats with Eli who makes it known (only to her) that he knows she’s the real Amanda. They take a walk down the boardwalk and she tells him that she traded her birth name for Emily Thorne’s so that she could start over. He confides in her that he runs scams for a living and has warrants in three states; she offers him a clean state (through Carrion) and money to get off on the right foot, if he leaves the Hamptons.

Jack’s following the trail: Jack tries to collect on Amanda’s insurance policy, but there’s a bit of a hold up until they’re through with the criminal investigation. The lawyer offers to set up a life insurance for baby Carl, in the event that Jack meets his untimely fate, too. Jack agrees. (Obviously.)

While chatting briefly in passing, Jack and his younger brother Declan are trying to recollect their memories of that fateful night. Declan wonders out loud why Nolan told him that Jack and Amanda had checked into their honeymoon suite at the hotel, when in actuality, they never made it there.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

Confused, Jack heads down to the dock where he was mysteriously picked up by the ambulance after he’d been shot. He pesters the owner of that particular boatslip for more information about that night, and learns that a tall sandy-haired man paid him a lot of cash to buy his speedboat (named the RoseGray) that was used to save Jack, as well as keep quiet to the police. Jack correctly surmises it was Nolan.

Daniel’s on a downward spiral: Daniel is starting to drown his sorrows in mid-day cocktails, as he can’t get the name Amanda Clarke out of his head. Conrad tells him that a bit of charitable good born out of tragedy will help him sleep a little better at night, and reminds him that everything he and Victoria have done—good and bad—was for Daniel and his bright future, personal and professional.

Aiden wants back in Daniel’s good graces: Aiden pops by Daniel’s office to invite him out for cocktails to discuss new business acquisitions and sees Conrad there. He asks Conrad for an endorsement for his seat on the board of Grayson Global, since Conrad has to give up his seat now that he’s running for governor.

Later, Daniel gets into a fight with a young hotshot at a bar. Aiden breaks it up just in the nick of time, as he knows the guy is just trying to get Daniel to hit him back so that he can get a big payday from a lawsuit. Daniel snipes that he doesn’t need protecting before stumbling out of the bar. (We see a lengthy rehab stint in his future.)

Conrad calls Aiden on his cell to discuss his concerns about Daniel while Aiden’s still in the bar. Aiden says that his timing couldn’t be better, and Conrad concurs. Conrad, too, is at the bar, and he’s probably the one behind that all-too-convenient fistfight.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

Time to go bye-bye, Eli: At the inaugural gala for the Amanda Clarke Foundation, Victoria declines Emily’s offer to co-chair. Emily and Nolan pull Eli to the side, where they use Carrion on Nolan’s iPhone to wipe his criminal record clean (in three seconds flat!) and hand him $100,000 to get the hell out of dodge. Eli agrees, but only after the party’s over—he doesn’t want to be rude. (Isn’t he such a gentleman?)

Nolan doesn’t believe Eli’s going to hold up his end of the bargain, and Emily sets off to make sure that Eli will have no choice. She informs Ashley that Amanda told her that Eli wasn’t as good of a brother as he’s trying to make himself out to be, and asks her to warn the Graysons and not let him get too close…

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

Ashley tells Victoria, but she doesn’t believe Emily suspicions. Well, not totally. She quizzes Eli about he and Amanda’s past, when Emily joins the conversation and tosses in a tidbit about the fire Amanda set. Victoria’s interest is piqued, but Eli is skirts the issue and tells a satisfying enough story to the listening crowd. He also donates the $100K check to the foundation, which earns him the coveted co-chair seat. Guess he’s sticking around after all.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

Charlotte has a schoolgirl crush: Everyone’s favorite little sister sees her boyfriend Declan at the gala and gives him the brush-off. She’s been ignoring Declan’s calls and spending all her free time with Eli. From the looks of it, there’s a little flirtation going on. Declan senses this and tells her to get in touch when she’s not so… busy.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

Jack speaks his mind: Jack turns up at the party and makes a speech thanking the Graysons for their kindness. He then pulls Nolan aside and informs him that he knows he was the one who saved him, and that he’s upset that Nolan and Emily have been lying to him from day one.

Nolan later drops by the Stowaway to inform Jack that the speedboat is now renamed and re-registered under the name Kenneth Ryan—the brother of the man who is responsible for Faux-manda’s death. Nolan then talks Jack out of trying to track down Kenneth. He’s successful—for now.

Aiden turns to Emily: Aiden asks Emily for help in getting Daniel back on his team. She tells him it’s too risky since Daniel won’t trust her from the moment she knocks on his door either. Aiden tells her not to worry; he’ll send Daniel to her door.

Aiden finds Daniel inspecting his swollen eye, and tells him that Emily isn’t over their relationship, and that Daniel should go and talk to her. Aiden also tells Daniel that Conrad has actually appointed him as treasurer of the Amanda Clarke Foundation, which pisses Daniel all the way off. He confronts his father and learns that ACF is in fact a front, which will set Aiden up to take the fall when the Initiative gets involved. He’ll be framed in the same way that David Clarke was. Funny how history repeats itself.

‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap - ‘Illumination’

Dollar, dollar bills y’all: After the gala, Victoria and Conrad are counting their many donation checks to ACF when Daniel walks in and tosses his into the pile and tells Conrad that Aiden will be indeed be the successor of his seat on the board. When he leaves, Victoria tells Conrad that she believes Emily Thorne is behind Daniel’s sudden change of heart, as she saw them together at the gala. Conrad worries that Mr. Trask will start to pay more attention to Emily, and of course Victoria thinks that’s a good thing. Whenever Mr. Trask goes, death and darkness is sure to follow.

And of course, Aiden gets everything he wants, along with an unexpected bonus: Along with Conrad’s seat on the board, Aiden was successful in getting Daniel back into Emily’s arms (so to speak). After the party, Daniel ran to find Emily and confides in her that the Initiative harassing him to finance their next act of terror through Grayson Global. He also lets it slip that Conrad and Victoria are planning to move their entire fortune into the ACF account. Emily takes particular interest in this nugget of info and asks Nolan to use Carrion to bankrupt that account, and ultimately, the Graysons.

Only there’s one little problem. When Nolan runs Carrion on the ACF account, he learns it’s being protected by a hacker named Falcon. He also realizes he’s encountered Falcon before—he was also behind David Clarke’s demise years ago.

Back to Eli: Emily and Aiden are seen at his house chatting on the morning of his induction. She informs him that she’ll sit on Eli’s betrayal for a while; he can’t expose her without exposing himself. Now that he’s serving as co-chair on ACF, he stands to lost everything he’s about to gain.

And now, the questions—inquiring minds want to know:

-What’s Eli’s angle? Why is he hell bent on sticking around the Hamptons? And will
he and Charlotte start dating?
-Who the hell is Falcon?
-Will the Graysons go broke? Hands in the air if you’d love to see Victoria try and
navigate her way through a life of poverty!
-What’s going on with Padma and her father?

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