'Revenge' Season 2, Episode 17 Recap - 'Victory'

(ABC) Revenge season 2, episode 17 recap - 'Victory'

Eli James, Meredith Hayward and ‘The Falcon’—oh my! There are several new players in this little game we call Revenge. Here’s what went down this week.

Conrad’s not doing so well: Ashley informs father Grayson that his polling numbers for his gubernatorial campaign remain rather dismal, save for the slight bump he got from the press conference/photo opp he held with Jack Porter. He supposes that with his connection to the Amanda Clarke Foundation, things are bound to get better.

Aiden’s on the outside: Aiden tells Emily that Daniel’s not as chatty as he’d hoped he’d be, now that Aiden’s a member of the Grayson Global board. Emily reminds him that he’ll likely stay out of the loop since Daniel and Conrad intend to make Aiden take the fall when the Initiative catches on to their scheme. She also informs Aiden that Daniel will need someone to confide in, and she knows just who the right person is—her. Emily promptly calls Daniel to schedule a lunch, who wisely has his executive assistant make reservations under a false name since the paparazzi are trailing him after that nasty bar fight last week.

Friend or foe: Apparently Eli James (Amanda’s foster brother and co-chair of the Amanda Clarke Foundation) might not be so bad after all. At a breakfast with Conrad, Victoria, Ashley and Emily, Eli announced his plans to sponsor the Hayward House—the foster home he and Amanda grew up in. When pressed in private for his angle by Emily, Eli reminds her that he made a promise to always protect her before divulging that it’s retribution he’s really after. Emily agrees to help, so as long as it’s done her way.

A delayed delivery: Eli also gives Emily a letter her father wrote to her while she was in foster care, and tells her there are several more. Emily asks Nolan what might have been in the letters, since he and David Clarke were friends. He tells her that they were rebuttals to every lie the media was spreading about him. When David realized she wasn’t receiving the letters, he started writing everything in journals for Nolan to give her when she got older. Emily feels bad; she figures that if she’d received those letters, she might not have hated her father so much, wouldn’t have set the fire that burned down her foster mother’s home, wouldn’t have gone to juvenile detention, and Amanda would still be alive. (That’s one hell of a tragic series of unfortunate events!)

Padma’s back: She goes to see Nolan and shows him a plea video she received from her father, asking her to bring Carrion to a private location in two days time, to tell no one and come alone—otherwise the Initiative will kill him and her. She’s keeping Carrion on a turtle-shaped USB drive in a safe deposit box, and Nolan asks her to bring it to him so that he can make a few tweaks to the program. Nolan also tells her not to worry; he’ll never let any harm come her way.

The exchange plan: Nolan takes Carrion to Aiden, who has already mapped out the location where Padma will trade the program for her father. Aiden will be hiding in an adjacent building, and when Padma’s father is released, he’ll snipe the Initiative’s terrorists who are handling the exchange. But there’s a catch—Padma and her father will have to disappear immediately after. Emily has already secured their new lives and identities; unfortunately for Nolan, the only way to save Padma’s life, is to let her go.

Nolan breaks the news to Padma, who tells him that she loves him and that she doesn’t want to live her life without him. He assures her that one day they’ll be together again after the Initiative are exposed and no longer pose a threat to their lives.

Jack’s on the verge of falling apart: He’s not sleeping in his bed; he can’t bear to be in it alone after burying his wife so unexpectedly.

Also, after Nolan told Jack that Kenny was the one driving the boat that saved his life, Jack’s been trying to find him. Jack tells Declan that the Kenny trail has gone ice cold; his apartment is empty, his phone has been disconnected and his credit cards aren’t being used. If he can’t find Kenny, Jack fears he may never know what exactly happened to Amanda, and worse—why it happened in the first place.

Plus, he’s ignoring Emily. She goes and visits Jack to see why he hasn’t been returning her phone calls, and he lobs a curt ‘I’ve been busy’ line at her. She asks if he’s still planning to try and get back and Conrad, and he reminds her that Conrad stole the laptop while he was burying Amanda, so he can’t really go after him without any proof. Of course Emily knows that Aiden actually stole the laptop and returned it to her, but she doesn’t tell him that. Instead, she says that Amanda wouldn’t have wanted him to fight this battle anyway. Jack smugly surmises it’s best to focus on baby Carl moving forward.

Charlotte and Declan are back on track: The cute couple are spotted leaving class when Charlotte asks about Jack’s current state, and if it would be all right if Eli held a press conference at the Stowaway to announce the partnership between Hayward House and the Amanda Clarke Foundation. Declan says yes as he spots Trey Chandler, an old flunkey of Kenny Ryan’s. Declan bumps into him and steals his phone and grabs Kenny’s current phone number. He also uses the phone to text Kenny and set up a secret showdown meeting where Jack will confront him.

On to Hayward House: Eli and Emily make their way down to their old foster home to meet with Meredith Hayward, their old foster mom. She tells them that she’ll lose the house in a few weeks without full payment. Emily tells her not to worry; when the Graysons throw money at a problem, it tends to go away pretty quickly.

Emily also asks if she still has any of Amanda’s personal effects; Meredith tells her no, everything Amanda owned would have been lost in the fire she set.

Oh, and as it turns out, Eli’s not so nice. He asks to meet a few of the children, and once they’re out of Emily’s earshot, we learn that Eli and Meredith are actually in cahoots. It really is all about the money, as Eli will get a 60% kickback when the check clears.

Meredith meets Victoria: Just before the press conference, Emily and Eli take Meredith to meet Victoria, who tells Meredith that she’ll receive the first check to save the house at the press conference today, and $250,000 annually thereafter. Meredith’s eyes light right up—obviously.

About that lunch: Emily turns up to lunch with Daniel up in New Haven, where he confides in her that Aiden will indeed take the fall if things go according to plan. He also says that he’ll do everything he can to make sure that she stays safe and won’t be targeted by the Initiative, too. (Translation: He still loves her!)

Meet Aiden, the sniper: Emily gets a call during lunch from Aiden who tells her that the Initiative have moved up the exchange date; it’s now happening in a mere 36 minutes. She won’t be able to make it since she’s all the way out in Connecticut with Daniel. Aiden and Nolan will have to make do without her.

Mr. Trask gets out of the SUV to greet Padma and receive the program. He passes it to someone in the backseat who authenticates the program. When Padma asks for her father, he motions her to the back of the vehicle and pushes her in. They speed off with Padma in tow. Nolan asks Aiden, “What have we done?”

Later we see Padma in a warehouse, the same one where her father has been held captive. He’s locked away in a room out of her sight, but he is alive. Mr. Trask instructs her to have a seat in front of the camera; look’s like they’re not done using poor Padma just yet.

Jack finally meets with Kenny: Jack presents Kenny with the registration to the boat as proof that he saved him, but Kenny tells Jack that he had absolutely nothing to do with that fateful night. It must have been Conrad who’s covering his own tracks, and Nate must have been working with Conrad on his own on that one.

But there is a silver lining; Jack learns that Nate taped all of his meetings with Conrad to protect himself from being cut out of any deals they make. Kenny grabbed them from Nate’s apartment before the police got ahold of them. Of course Jack asks to hear them.

The press conference takes place: Eli takes to the podium and drops a bomb; he trashes Meredith and tells the truth about the horrible way she raised he and Amanda. She tells everyone that he’s a pathological liar, so he asks other adult Hayward House alums that he invited to stand; half of the audience gets up to attest that he’s telling the truth.

Before Meredith storms out, she drops a bomb of her own—she tells everyone that he set the fire that Amanda took the blame for. Eli locks eyes with Emily who is understandably furious. She follows him outside to ask him if it’s true and he admits it was; he set the fire because the one she started burned out, and because she would soon be adopted out of the house. Since they’d made a pact to stay together, he couldn’t let that happen. He figured she’d just get in trouble within the home; he had no idea she’d be sent off to juvie!

Oh, and Victoria promptly fired Eli from the co-chair seat. She can’t possibly have that kind of drama hanging over ACF.

The hunt is on: Aiden and Nolan are kicking in doors looking for Padma and her father. Nolan put a tracking device in the USB drive that holds Carrion, so Mr. Trask and co. left it in an abandoned warehouse for Nolan to find. Now, not only have they pissed off the Initiative, they have given this rogue terrorist organization a super powerful program to use to their advantage. Plus, Aiden and Nolan have no clue where to begin looking for the Laharis. Nolan tells Aiden that he should look into another line of work. (Burn!)

Time to play the tapes: Jack settles in for an evening of audible entertainment with Declan; the two listen to Nate making a deal with Conrad Grayson to bump Jack and Amanda off. Now all Jack needs is proof that money exchanged hands between the two. Declan wants Jack to pass the tapes off to the police, but Jack tells him that they aren’t to be trusted either—all they have is each other.

Nolan visits Emily: He tells her what happened with the Initiative and the Laharis, and Emily reminds Nolan to stay strong. If anyone can track them down, it’s him. She also promises to help him get revenge when he does.

And Eli visits Meredith: Social services has taken away all of her current foster kids and they’re going to open an investigation. Eli locks her in the dungeon she used to lock her foster kids in, and gets a written confession from Meredith which details that she sold the letters from Amanda’s father years ago to some strange man. Emily thanks Eli before sending him on his way.

And Jack visits Conrad: Earlier Conrad and Ashley asked Jack to join him on the campaign trail; they could use a good working class man on their team to really drive their points home. Now that Jack needs proof that Conrad and Nate was in cahoots to ruin his family, he decides to take Conrad up on his offer. They’ll be side-by-side for several weeks; we can’t think of a better way to get closer to your enemy. Welcome aboard, Jack!

The Falcon got poached: Apparently the Falcon—the one person on Earth who’s a better hacker than Nolan—now works for the Initiative. He’s digitally walled up any information about the current location of the Laharis, and now has access to every transaction between the Initiative and the Graysons. Obviously they need to find out who exactly he is. He’s essentially the most powerful man on the planet at the moment!

Daniel gets a special delivery: We see Daniel in his office calling Emily to follow up on their lunch when his executive assistant brings him an urgent delivery. Inside of the envelope is a photo of he and Emily at that not-so-secret lunch up in Connecticut, along with two bullets. More paranoid than ever, Daniel is beyond scared. (We’re actually scared for him.)

Later, we see Victoria putting away a box of bullets in her jewelry box. (This just got a whole lot more interesting!)

And Emily visits Mason Treadwell: She heads down to the jail to see him and ask for the letters since she knows he’s the only one who would have been interested in buying them from Meredith. Unfortunately they burned in the fire that Amanda set at his house; old habits die hard. He remembers what’s in the letters, and asks Emily what’s in it for him if he tells her. Emily reminds him that she’s the only one with the power to have him released, and he needs her confession to complete his next book. He tells her that David Clarke wrote that he was worried about Amanda being in some sort of ‘Dickensian foster home’ because he’d heard tales of it from Victoria. She’d put her first-born son through the system years ago when she was 16.

And now, the questions—inquiring minds want to know:

- Will we see Meredith and Eli again? They’re story line is too interesting to be wrapped up in two episodes!

- Padma’s going to be held hostage next; but for what? What exactly do they want from Nolan?

- Why would Victoria have two bullets with Daniel and Emily’s names on them? What does she have against her own son?

- And who—Victoria has a third child? When will he make a his grand appearance?!