‘Scandal’ Season 2, Episode 15 Recap - 'Boom Goes the Dynamite'

(ABC) Scandal season 2, episode 15 - "Boom Goes the Dynamite"

Seriously, the title of this episode couldn't be more telling. It’s almost as if everyone’s on edge and about to blow at any given second. Here’s why:

Team Gladiators have a new case: Senator Peter Caldwell’s younger brother Will is in the midst of the gubernatorial race in North Carolina, only his numbers are way down because he’s single and possibly gay. (When the last time you saw a single man elected into such a high position?) Peter hires Olivia Pope and Associates to come down South and find Will a fake wife and fast—he’s holding a huge fundraising gala over the weekend and he needs to appear as if he’s on the marriage track with someone smart, sexy and above all, suitable for the daunting task of being in a loveless political marriage.

Just when think they've found the right girl, she backs out. Abby, having been in an abusive political marriage herself once, pulls her aside and warns her of the ramifications of trading her life in for this one; it ain’t all it's cracked up to be. When she bails, they’re lucky enough to find his picture-perfect match just in the nick of time. Well, as much as a match as she can be. Turns out, Will isn't gay after all—he’s head over heels in love with his brother Peter’s wife, and has been sleeping with her for over 10 years! (They don’t call this show Scandal for nothing!)

All eyes on David Rosen: Back up in Washington, DC, things are looking up for David—he and Abby are engaging in casual sex once again, and he’s no longer the prime suspect in the murder of Wendy the spy who was murdered in his bed. However, David gets the feeling that someone’s watching him… following him… stalking him… And he’s right.

We learn that Molly, the Wendy’s BFF, has indeed been trailing him, waiting for the right moment to tell David that she knows he’s innocent. In fact, she actually saw the guy who was hounding Wendy for the top-secret information that she stole from Rosen. (Remember the election rigging scam in Defiance, Ohio? Yeah, that. Wendy swiped all of his proof off of his laptop.) Molly suspects he’s the one responsible for her suspicious death. She also thinks she’ll be next. Olivia asks Huck to keep watch on David, but that doesn’t quite go as planned.

Yuck, Huck!: Olivia’s go-to goon has been suffering from a series of debilitating panic attacks, as he’s recently been having flashbacks to when he was tortured and water-boarded while under suspicion for attempting to assassinate the President. As a result, he now completely clams up when it’s raining outside, and he’s unable to bathe or shower for several days on end. Unfortunately, everyone in a five-mile radius knows it.

Fitz is unraveling: Mr. President has really started to lose his grip on reality, ever since he found out that his A-team was integrally involved in the voter machine rigging plot that got him elected two years ago. (And killing Verna probably has something to do with his endless angst.) He’s drinking nonstop, has broken up with Olivia and has been shutting Cyrus out completely. And he’s even taking foreign policy advice from his wife! (Insert blank stare here.)

Mellie’s messing up: Speaking of Mellie, she’s using her newfound position as Fitz’s right hand man (sorry, Cyrus) to her advantage. She desperately wants to strengthen her personal and political position with her husband—after all, she’s mentioned (more than once) that she fully intends to run for President in the future. His approval and support is paramount. But as an over-emotional mother-of-three, does she really have what it takes?

Case in point: Cyrus confides in her about his feeling left out of the loop, and he gives her a pivotal piece of advice to pass along to Mr. President on how to deal with the volatile hostage situation happening in the Middle East (several Americans are being held captive—one’s beheading was broadcast around the world). Instead of giving Cyrus credit as she promised she would, Mellie slaps her name on it. Cyrus finds out, and of course, he’s none too pleased. Instead of confronting Mellie, he does her one better: He feeds her a foul tip, and when she takes the bait, Cyrus full well knows that Fitz will be furious. It’s his chance to get back in good with the powers that be in the Oval Office. If he wants his plum position back, he just needs to be standing right there when Mellie’s house of cards come tumbling down.

Cyrus tricks Mellie into setting up a private conference call with the families of the hostages, and slips the call-in number to a covert reporter who publishes the transcript of the call in detail, exposing the White House’s weakness in not knowing how to handle the delicate situation. As expected, Fitz is pissed with the ruckus this has caused in the media and Mellie’s sent right back to square one.

Olivia’s being watched, too: David Rosen’s not the only one with all eyes on him—when Mr. President broke up with Olivia 10 months ago, he also secretly hired someone to do surveillance on her. Since he’s no longer directly connected to her, Fitz finds himself needing to know her every move; what she’s doing, what’s feeling, who she’s dating… Guess who’s on stalker duty?

Introducing Captain Jake Ballard: The devilishly handsome decorated Naval officer has been handed the wonderful task of keeping tabs on Olivia’s every move—he’s even installed secret cameras in several rooms in her apartment. (Yeah, we have no clue as to how either.) He’s also an old cherished military friend of Fitz’s, so it probably won’t go over too well once Mr. President finds out that Jake is falling (and fast!) for Liv. They’ve already been out on a (sort of) date, and it seems like she actually likes him…

And then there’s Albatross: There’s a mole in the White House inner circle, and he goes by the code name Albatross. (Olivia actually asked Jake about Albatross—Wendy was connected to him—on their date, and he told her that it’s a mythical mole who’s never been proven to be real. If only that were true.) While watching TV, Molly reveals to Olivia’s team that Mr. Albatross was the man arguing with Wendy; the man she suspects killed Wendy for the damning information she has on Defiance, and the illegality of Fitz’s position as President. Quite ironic, since we also learn that Mr. President relies pretty heavily on Albatross’s expertise, simply because he’s happens to be the Director of the CIA. We’re calling it now—this won’t end well.

And now, the questions—inquiring minds want to know…

-When will Fitz find out that Jake and Olivia are pseudo-dating? And more importantly—what will he do?!

-What’s going to happen now that Mellie and Cyrus are at war? They’re both beasts—we can't wait to see who comes out on top of this one.

-What’s going to happen when Olivia finds out she’s being watched, in her own home? (It’s such a huge invasion of privacy.)

-Are Abby and David going to get back together? We hope so! We’re loving the #Dabby!

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