'The Client List' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap - 'Cowboy Up'

(Lifetime) Riley discovers Evan's secret on Episode 3 of The Client List

Last week's episode of
The Client List was so law-enforcement-packed, we thought we'd accidentally clicked over to an episode of Law & Order—but this week, it looks like we're back to our regularly scheduled suburban soap opera with Riley Parks (Jennifer Love Hewitt) playing her usual running-all-over-town single mom who'd dating her husband's brother while he, the hubby, is locked up, indicted for stealing a truck of copper wire. In Riley's own words, "Who steals copper wire?"

In case you missed last week's episode, you can check out all of our The Client List recaps right here on StyleBistro's The Client List page. Here's our recap of season 2, episode 3, "Cowboy Up."

Last week's episode ended when a detective showed up at Riley's house and announced that Riley's mom Lynette (Cybill Shepherd) had been in an accident. Guess what happened? Lynette totaled her car... wait for it... SEXTING with her new boyfriend, whose name is Dick. Ha ha. Riley insists that Lynette stay at the house while she's recovering, Lynette agrees, and when she leaves the room, the hospital calls to let Riley know that her mom's insurance lapsed, so she owes a ton of money for her ER stay.

Meanwhile, at the hair salon, new owner and Riley's arch-nemesis Taylor (Elizabeth Rohm) has set up a table to sell her kids' wrapping paper from school (god, remember those fundraisers from elementary school?). Evan (Colin Egglesfield) pops by because he's helping out with the renovation. He runs into his policeman friend and they talk about how Evan's applied to the police force. Riley overhears. Meanwhile, Taylor is hassling Evan (because he's cute!) and she tells Riley that "women would be lined up around the block" if there were cute guys giving massages at The Rub. Light bulb!

Later on at the county jail, Riley tells Kyle (Brian Hallisay) she doesn't have the bail money because she gave the $10,000 back. "We need to start doing things the right way," she tells her husband.

At home, Evan stops by for a visit and Riley notices his neck is all messed up—but he won't tell her why. "This hits a nerve for me, you know," she tells him. "If you can't tell me the truth, you're going to have to get out." He won't tell her what he's been doing, so she sends him away.

Ooh, we just noticed that Riley's hair is back to WAVY again this episode! We like it.

Anyway, the only way Riley's going to the bottom of this whole Evan mystery is through Dale (Greg Grunberg), Lacey's (Rebecca Field) husband.

Dale spills the beans over a head rub (men are so easy) that Evan has been competing in the local rodeo, so, of course Riley and Lacey head down to the rodeo and watch in horror as Evan is thrown from the bull and dislocates his shoulder.

Evan tells Riley that he was doing this for her—and hands her an envelope full of his cash winnings to bail Kyle out of prison. Riley refuses to take it, "He’s got to understand how hard it is for me to take money from him for Kyle," she tells her mom.

Meanwhile, Riley's been looking for a masseur (male massage therapist) at The Rub. She's interviewed a lot of dodgy characters, including some oddball senior citizens and a teenager who looks like Harry Potter.

At the rodeo, she gets to talking to the very handsome medic, who tells her he's a physical therapist. He comes by The Rub later in the week, stops a client from getting violent, and gives Riley a great massage. He's hired! And his name is Derek (
Rob Mayes).

That night, Evan comes by for dinner and announces he got an interview at the police academy. He leaves bail money for Kyle by Riley's sink. Everything seems like it's all hunky dory right? Except for the next day, we find out Evan aced the interview, but was nixed from the list because his brother's in prison on a felony charge. Riley swallows her pride and goes to the salon to ask Taylor for a favor. Taylor calls the police chief, who's a close friend of the family, and Evan gets fast-tracked.

Later on, Riley goes to see Kyle in prison to tell him they made bail. He confronts her about her relationship with Evan. She claims to not know if there's anything going on. Kyle is furious, but tells her go post bail. We can't to see what happens next week!

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