'The Client List' Season 2 Episode 1 Recap - 'Til I Make it on My Own'

(Lifetime) Evan and Riley share a moment in the kitchen

The second season premiere of Lifetime's hit drama series The Client List hit the small screen last night and, after last year's finale cliff-hanger when Kyle Parks (Brian Hallisay) unexpectedly returns to his wife Riley (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and children after a year of unexplained absence, we were hoping the series opener would be a little more action-packed. Instead, we got a more carefully-paced episode filled with plenty of tense moments and new surprises that lay the groundwork for what promises to be an exciting season ahead. What started as a just-this-side-of-ordinary suburban soap opera has morphed into something of a crime drama.

Series two opens with Kyle in prison facing felony charges for stealing a truck full of copper wire. Riley's come to see him and Evan (Colin Egglesfield), saint boyfriend (oh, and Kyle's brother, in case you missed last season) brings coffee and donuts. Kyle is assigned a really crap public defender who wants him to plead guilty—but keeps calling him by the wrong name, Kevin.

Riley goes to run the stairs at the local football stadium, then has a frustrating moment when she realizes she locked her keys in the car. She finds a pipe in the back of a pick-up truck and bashes in her passenger-side window. Meanwhile, Kyle's arrest has made both television and radio news reports and we see it play out on screens all over town.

Even though Riley seems conflicted over whether or not to help Kyle—after all, he did desert his family—she decides to hire him a criminal defense attorney. "He is Katie and Travis' daddy," Riley tells Evan, who responds: "I thought you said you weren't going to let Kyle's problems get in our way."

Meanwhile, back at The Rub (that's the happy-endings-spa Riley works at), Jolene and Kendra have up and quit, leaving only Selena Ramos (Alicia Lagano) and Riley to deal with all the clients. Selena expresses concern that law enforcement is starting to close in when Georgia (Loretta Devine) shows up out of nowhere—back from vacation, aka laying low after a close brush with the law. While Georgia was away, she rekindled a romance with old flame Harold. "Harold is a good man," she tells Riley. "I don't want to keep lying to him about what I do. Harold could be my last chance at love."

When Riley meets Kyle's new lawyer for the first time, he says there's a good chance he can get Kyle off, and asks for a $5,000 retainer. Riley frets about where she'll come up with the money... but she can't think about it for too long, because she has to go to her childrens' science fair. Unfortunately, while she's at the science fair, two men in dodgy looking suits show up. Turns out they're detectives from Houston and want to ask her some questions about Kyle and whether she ever profited from his alleged crime.

At the science fair, Riley meets another single mom who also happens to be in charge of bank loans. She visits her the next day to take out a $5,000 loan to pay Kyle's new lawyer.

In the middle of all this, Riley still finds time to work out, and Evan meets her at the football stadium with a Gatorade Vitamin Water Zero and a protein bar (seriously, is he the most perfect boyfriend ever?). Right before they share a kiss, Kyle's lawyer calls Riley and demands that she come down to the jail immediately. Turns out, Kyle has an accomplice who he refuses to name. Riley leaves the jail house furious, heads back to work where she explains to a new client how, exactly, The Client List works. Guess they had to get that somewhere in the first episode of the new season.

Meanwhile Evan visits his brother Kyle in prison and they get into a brawl (in prison!) after Kyle tells Evan he saw him and Riley holding hands. The guards tear the brothers off each other and Riley gets called down to prison again to pick up Evan. Now she's really pissed, but somehow finds the time to meet up with Georgia at Harold's new bar (that's still being built). Riley suggests Georgia sell the spa... to her. Georgia's interest is piqued.

When Riley gets home, Evan is waiting there with a bunch of yellow roses. He apologizes for "being stupid" (seriously, who is this guy?). "Until things with Kyle get sorted out, I'll take what I can get," Evan tells her. "I'd regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't."

At that moment, Georgia phones Riley and agrees to sell her the spa. As they hang up, we see the judge, a Rub client who previously helped Georgia dodge the law, standing by holding a dossier. He reveals that law enforcement have filed a request for a search warrant. 


Some Series Two Style Notes: 
- This season, Jennifer Love Hewitt sports straight hair. In season one, her hair was, for the most part, voluminous and curled. To be honest, super-long extensions look better when they're "done."
- The Curl Up & Dry Salon, where Riley's mom Linette Montgomery (Cybill Shepherd) and her friend Lacey Jean (Rebecca Field) work, changes its business structure to a chair rental system.
- The Rub spa has the same Breville brand kettle that we have at the StyleBistro office. 
- Our favorite sex spa client so far? A gentleman the ladies call "Mr. Louboutin," who brings new pairs of Christian Louboutin stilettos for his masseuses—and asks to be massaged with them. Yes, massaged with spiked platform Christian Louboutin stilettos. This week, he brought Louboutin's "Lady Peep" in red patent, above right. Here's how it works:

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