‘The Client List’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap - ‘My Main Trial is Yet to Come’ - Also, We Learn What Sploshing Is

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Welcome to episode four of the second season of The Client List. So far this season, Riley's (Jennifer Love Hewitt) husband Kyle Parks (Brian Hallisay) shows up out of nowhere after a one-year absence, but in the meantime, she's started dating Kyle's hot brother Evan (Colin Egglesfield) and is working at (and in the process of buying) a happy ending massage parlor. Yup. Just in case you've missed any episodes, you can check out all our The Client List recaps right here. Here's what happened in the latest episode:

Episode four opens the way we like these episodes to open best, with a steamy massage and a hunky guy on the table. Riley's dressed up as Elvira and is in the process of tying up a cute blonde football player. Meow.
Later at home, Riley's running around in a panic because she's getting the kids ready for school and Kyle might be coming home. Evan turns up to drive the kids to school and tries to console her. "You mean the world to me," he says. "I just want to be able to say it out loud to you, to everyone." Um, have you noticed that no men IRL talk like men on Lifetime shows?
Later that day, Riley goes to see Kyle in prison. She's arranged for a lawyer, paid his bail, and brought his suit for the bail hearing. But bad news Kyle, the court revokes his bail because he was put on a Mexican watch list for consorting with a crime family involved in drug dealing. This means Kyle is stuck in prison until the trial, which we don't really mind because he's kind of annoying, sorry Kyle.

Meanwhile at The Rub, Selena's (Alicia Lagano) convinced that the new girl Nikki (Laura Leigh) is snooping around and going through her stuff. "I don't trust her," Selena says. And later, when she catches Nikki in her room borrowing lavender massage oil, the two get into a screaming match and Nikki quits.

Sploshing Interlude: Down the hall, Riley's football hunk is back, and this time, he asks her for something very specific: sploshing. Riley googled sploshing. We googled sploshing. You can google sploshing if you want, but we don't really recommend it. Basically, it involves getting slathered in food products. Selena hears about Riley's sploshing client and brings her some recipe cards. We learn that sploshers reeeeaaaalllly like pie. Now we're suspicious of any guy who tells us he really likes pie. Riley chooses lemon meringue and Boston cream pies for her football guy. Selena advises her to avoid rice pudding because the rice get stuck in places. Mental note.

In case you're wondering what's happening with Derek (Rob Mayes), The Rub's hot new masseur? He's doing just fine, doling out lady happy endings starting with lonely housewife Lisa. Riley finds out and tells him her one and only rule: "If you're going to service your clients, you don't talk about servicing your clients."

While all this is going on, Evan has started his training at police academy. He's made friends with Shelby, who's also a trainee. Lynette (Cybill Shepherd) has moved in with Riley to recuperate after busting her shoulder totalling her car while sexting with her new boyfriend, Dick. When Riley debates whether or not to take the kids to see their dad in prison, Lynette advises her not to. She reveals that Lacey moved in with them when she was a little girl and her mother was battling alcoholism.

"All those nights I held Lacey in my arms while she cried herself to sleep, she could never see good in her mom," Lynette says. "Let them keep their good memories of Kyle."

Back at The Rub, Riley finds out that Nikki has gone back to work at the Wild Nights strip club, a dangerous place owned by bad guy Greg Carlyle. Derek tells Riley that Nikki is about to get evicted, so Derek and Riley drive out to see her. While they're waiting in the car for Nikki to get home, they see a silver sports car pull up, Nikki fight her way out of it, and Carlyle jump out after her, beating her up in the street. Turns out he paid Nikki's rent and now she owes him. 

The next day, Riley turns up at the club with $1,500 to repay Nikki's debt and demands that Carlyle let her go. He refuses, so Riley calls her detective friend. Carlyle grudgingly lets Nikki leave with Riley, but promises revenge. 

The episode closes with Riley deciding to allow her kids to see Kyle in prison. 
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