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(Courtesy Lifetime) The Client List season 2, episode 6 recap

After last week's episode—where not a whole lot happened, but there was a lot of set-up for the rest of the season—we're back with episode six of the second season of Lifetime's hit Sunday night drama The Client List. After we were all left hanging at the last minute last Sunday when Riley dumped perfect-TV-boyfriend Evan, we couldn't wait to see what happened this week. Check out our recap right here.

Sexytime massage #1: Tonight's first sexytime massage features Riley wearing a French maid costume and using a feather duster on her client, who we find out suffers from wanderlust and a xenophobic wife.

What happened to Evan after Riley dumped him? Poor Evan. He's the best Lifetime-created boyfriend ever and despite all his gallantry, handsomeness, and patience, he still got his ass handed to him last week. That's what happens when you start dating your brother's wife, I guess. At the beginning of the episode, he stops by to bring Riley's mom a birthday present. He tries to talk to Riley, but she brushes him off. Meanwhile, at police academy, Evan's getting closer to his female cadet-mate. They wind up going out for drinks. Hm, wonder what's going to blossom there!

Lacey and Dale's subplot: Our favorite neighborhood BFF couple, Lacey and Dale, are trying to get pregnant, but it hasn't happened yet. Lacey's recently become suspicious that Dale is cheating on her, so she and Lacey follow him to an unfamiliar house in the neighborhood, where they bust in to find Dale... rehearsing with his garage band. They feel bad for doubting him and Riley gets the band a gig at Harold's, Georgia's boyfriend's club.

Side note: Caught up in all the baby-making, Dale and Lacey both admit that their sex life has gotten sort of mechanical and scheduled. Dale calls Lacey a SEX NINJA, which is basically the best phrase ever.

Jennifer Love Hewitt sings a lot in this episode: At Dale's gig at Harold's, he calls Riley onstage to sing "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About." This is the second time Hewitt sings in this episode (The first time is in a flashback. Is JLH singing the new everyone-talk-awkwardly-about-how-pretty-JLH-is-several-times-per-episode? Only time will tell.). Her wanderlust sexytime client sees her sing and says he's bringing in a music bigwig from Austin to see her perform.

What about Riley's imprisoned husband? Kyle's lawyer reveals that the feds may need a witness to testify against Nick Vandermeyer, the guy Kyle stole copper wire from. This could help Kyle's trial. When Riley stops by later on in the episode, Kyle tells her about the situation. She tells him about her performance with Dale's band and Kyle talks about how she was the "prettiest girl in high school" (oops, there we go again with the JLH-is-so-pretty references). Another prisoner calls her a "hot piece of ass" as she's walking out. These self-referential affirmations by the show's executive producer (um, that would be Jennifer Love Hewitt) are pretty awkward/funny.

Selena and Derek become "funbuddies" - So there's been this back-and-forth ongoing flirtation between mean-mean-Selena and hottie masseur Derek over the past few weeks. This week, they agree to become "funbuddies," which is Lifetime's nice, no-profanity way of saying fuckbuddies.

Riley sexytime massage #2: Riley is topless, maybe, and giving her wanderlust client a Hawaiian massage. Her hair is covering her boobs.

Creepy client alert! Don't worry, it's not one of the guy clients. Nope, it's Lisa, Derek's client. She comes in for a sexytime massage and tells Derek she's left her husband for "the possibility" of getting together with Derek. Yup. And even though he says there's no way it'll happen, she tells him she'll wait for him. Creep-o-meter!

Riley's big break: Well, turns out Riley's always harbored a secret desire to make it in the music industry, and when the music bigwig shows up from Austin to hear her sing at Harold's, she almost goes on... but then her daughter calls her and tells her she's had a nightmare and can't wake up her grandmother (who's passed out drunk on the sofa). So Riley bails on the gig and rushes home.

But don't worry! There will still be an opportunity to hear Jennifer Love Hewitt sing! She sings her children to sleep and the camera fades out. 


In case you missed any episodes of this season's The Client List, you can check out all our recaps right here. Tune in next Sunday for more!

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