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It was only a matter of time before the next wave in the alphabet craze came along, and guess what—it's here! An entirely new batch of CC Creams are washing up on shelves as we speak, each a little more like a full skincare system, bottled-up, than the BBs before them.

We rounded up seven of our favorite just-launched multi-taskers, each prioritized around your #1 complexion concern—but first, a little primer in ABCCs for those of you still perplexed by all this alphabet madness. (Feel free to jump ahead if you know the drill!)

CC Creams, or color correctors, feature more pigment than a BB cream or tinted moisturizer; plus, they're jam-packed with all the typical good-for-you benefits you'd traditionally find in a daily skin serum—like SPF protection, hydration boosters, and free radical-fighting treatments. And unlike a foundation, it gives you full coverage in one singular step.

So, the CC freakout? Seems pretty warranted, no?