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In between looking up pumpkin pie recipes and turning your dining room table into a mini cornucopia with its jumble of pumpkins and squashes, take a break from the Thanksgiving festivities and book a weekend trip somewhere fun and unexpected this November.

Going on a getaway during late fall or early winter is a fun experience because it opens you up to try a host of new places. While summer traditionally pulls you in to go to beach towns and bustling cities that require a lot of walking and sight-seeing, the cooling weather calls for a more relaxed vacation.

Head into mountain towns to see the changing foliage and walk through autumn-tinged trails; nip into small, up-and-coming towns to hole up in restaurants and experience their foodie scenes; or keep the winter blues at bay by flying off to an island and putting on your bikini one last time. Ahead are all the best place to travel in November to get you started on your own getaway!