Chattanooga, Tennessee
If you're an amateur ghost buster, then going to Chattanooga during Halloween season would be an amazing trip for you. It's home to some of the most famous haunted sites in the U.S., where you can tour all five of the spooky places the small southern town has to offer.

From an early 20th-century train terminal littered with ghosts, to an underground city underneath the town, to a historic mansion that was converted into a Union troop hospital, there's plenty of spooky stuff to see and tour.

It's also home to Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern, which is one of the top 10 haunted houses in the country.

If you're not one that likes to be scared witless throughout your whole vacation, then you can also take advantage of the "Boo"-ze Cruise on the Chattanooga River and get your spirits fix in a completely different way. In addition to that, Chattanooga is a really cute city with plenty of Instagram-able neighborhoods and restaurants that would make your trip a delight.