Lana Turner
Lana Turner had the classic Hollywood story, where she was discovered while buying a soda at a drugstore, and went on to become one of Tinsel Town's leading ladies. During the peak of her career she met and fell in love with Johnny Stompanato, a Los Angeles mobster, who she was rumored to have killed.

The two would have regular, public, explosive fights, making for a turbulent and violent relationship. On the night of Stompanato’s death, Turner’s daughter Cheryl was staying at the house and was witness to the scenes of the crime. She said she heard the mobster threatening to slash her mother's face to keep her from working ever again, and the teen was sure that he would end up killing both of them that night if something wasn't done. Which is why she grabbed a knife and held it as Stompanato "walked into" it. Many believe that it was actually Lana who killed him, but her daughter took the blame for her.