Coachella Day 3: Pool Parties, Sand Storms, Models, and More!

(Photos by Lindsay Schallon/StyleBistro) At Guess' pool party at The Viceroy

And just like that, Coachella is dunzo.

At this very second — an extremely early 8:34 a.m. PT — I'm writing to you via spotty WIFI at the Palm Springs airport Starbucks. See look, here's my view!

Day three went by in a whirlwind — no really, a whirl-WIND. Little did I know there was a Coachella app you could download that updates you with advisories, like say for instance, storm advisories. And advisories for not just any storms, sandstorms. So, that was a surprise last night.

But before dust and dirt pelted us by way of 40 mph winds — I'm exaggerating, here. Maybe. I have no clue how fast the wind was whipping, because again, newbie over here had no idea about this so-called lifesaving app that would have at least warned me to wear a jacket. Welp, now I know. Fashion blogger, it's a tough job — we started the day off right: pool parties!

First stop was the Guess Pool Party at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs, Califonia. I knew this party would be a party right off the bat — Spring Breaker and professionally trained party person Ashley Benson was out front, cig in hand and shouting to pals, as we walked in. An obvious sign of a good time.

(Photo by Getty)

Plus, swag. Tons of swag. All within 10 feet of the highly guarded entrance. Goodies included Guess logo-ed beach towels, fans, buttons, tote bags, and...

Heart-shaped sunnies! Don't you, uh, heart?

They had a taco bar and ping pong table.

Guess ads. (Naturally.)

And models! Like the famous gender-bending Aussie, Andrej Pejic.

We enjoyed a drink or two — Blueberry vodka Red Bulls are downright amazing, FYI — then hopped on over to see what the Revolve Clothing pool party was all about. It was, in one word, colorful.

We got back to the music scene just in time for the start of the sandstorm — and Vampire Weekend! Do you see all that cloudy stuff? That's dust, you guys. But still, the night raged on.

And on.

Until the Red Hot Chili Peppers killed it with a two-hour-long (!!!) show, and the crowd departed like so — chaos.

(Photo by Dylana Suarez via Instagram)

And this, friends, is the unfiltered filth (not makeup!) that I wiped off my face at the end of the night. Gross, I know. Told you those cleansing cloths come in handy.

Sandstorms and minor dust inhalation included, though, spending three days in the desert with the Free People team was exhilarating, exhausting, overwhelming (in a number of senses), and, well, liberating.

I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Until next time, Coachella...

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