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The changes in fashion from decade to decade are no more apparent than on the red carpet. Whether it's a look back at the nipped waists of the '50s, the deep-plunges of the '70s, or the column dresses of the '90s, Hollywood glamour can define an era. Hey, trends can make great leaps in a mere handful of years, so it's no wonder comparing today's gowns with what celebs wore 20-30 years ago will make your head spin.

Take the Golden Globes, for example. In 1998, Angelina Jolie donned a pixie haircut with blue eyeshadow and a silver empire gown. For 2018, the actress wore black chiffon and feathers with an elegant updo. Nicole Kidman looked like she was dressed for prom in her strapless baby blue dress alongside Tom Cruise at the 1996 show. These days, she's all about heavily embellished high-fashion designs fit for the runway.

Here, we flashed back to the most standout Golden Globe attendees of the '90s and compared their iconic looks to what they wore for their most recent GG appearances. Take a look for some star-studded nostalgia.