Flipagram Your Most Stylish Moments. We Did.

Flipagram Your Most Stylish Moments. We Did.(Courtesy of Flipagram)
If you were in any shape to be looking at your phone on New Year’s Day, you likely came across some ‘looking back videos’ curated by some of your social media friends.   While a few of them made some rather dubious choices (thanks to that friend who chose Metallica as background music for his trip to the Caribbean), the videos at least provided some healthy reflection on 2013.

Flipagram is currently the number one app on the iPhone and allows users to choose their favorite photos to create a video montage with a tune.  Not only can you pick a song, but you can also adjust where the lyrics start. We think that’s pretty cool.

Some of our chicest friends – like Rebecca Minkoff – had some particularly stylish recaps of the year-that-was. Watch our recap here and share your flipagram link with us in the comments so we can get a flavor of your fashionable 2013…

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