#FF - Actresses Without Teeth

#FF - Actresses Without Teeth
(Photo via ActressesWithoutTeeth.net)

If ever there were a firm reminder on the importance of dental hygiene, this is it. We give you the latest ridiculousness to hit the Interwebs — Actresses Without Teeth!

It's exactly what it sounds, an entire Tumblr account — orchestrated by some Photoshop wiz-kids we've got to say — featuring photos on photos of Hollywood's greatest gals without their veneers, er, teeths.

So, for your entertainment purposes, we've ranked a few of the most noteable gems on the site in order of pterodactylness. You'll see what we mean. Also, just to be clear, Jennifer Aniston doesn't count on this list. How the hell she manages to make toothlessness look good, we'll never know. But she does. Doesn't she?

Anyhoo... where were we? Oh, right. Pterodactyls.

5) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

#FF - Actresses Without Teeth
Yes, that is Kim Kardashian, you guys. She's, like, barely recognizable, no? Kanye on the otherhand, well, now we know what he'll look like in his 150s — "Gods" live forever, right? Either way, they're still mostly human-looking. Moving on.

4) Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway

#FF - Actresses Without Teeth
This is mostly just creepy. But we can't. stop. staring.

3) Beyonce

#FF - Actresses Without Teeth
Neck out, shoulders back, getting closer...

2) Kristen Stewart

#FF - Actresses Without Teeth

The squinty eyes, the glowy cheeks — so baby pterodactyl, no?! (It's almost kind of cute. Is that weird to say? I think it might be weird to say. Whatever.)

And the most pterodactyl-ly of the crop goes to, drumroll please...

1) Sofia Vergara!
#FF - Actresses Without Teeth
See isn't the resemblance uncanny! (In all fairness, it was a rough shot to start with. Poor girl.)

#FF - Actresses Without Teeth
(Photo via kateandtyge.blogspot.com)

Now please excuse us while we go practice preventative tooth decay by chugging a bottle of bacon-flavored mouthwash...