Site Spotlight: Rack It Up

Site Spotlight: Rack it Up(Source: Thinkstock)

Nobody likes to buy clothes full price. That being said, it can be a nuisance to keep up with sales. You can sign up for email alerts, but then get notified of discounted items not in your size. In the middle of the workday, you can't keep tabs on flash sales. When you actually shop in-store, sifting through chaotic sales racks is a nightmare. We finally found a solution in Rack It Up, and it's a miracle to discover it just now. 

The website allows you to keep a catalog of items you're waiting to see go on sale. Add the bookmark, shop online as usual and when you see something you like, click "Rack It Up" to save it. Most e-tailers are compatible, and you'll only be alerted when one of the items you picked got marked down—no spam! 

Site Spotlight: Rack it Up(Source: Rack It Up)

You can specify your size, style and whether you want notification when the item goes on sale in general or if you have a specific price you're willing to pay. That means you could even save pieces that are already discounted and know when prices drop even lower. Manage your saved picks at "My Closet" on the site, which allows you to filter via type of apparel and store. You can also browse what everyone else is shopping Pinterest-style to find even more sales and promo codes.

It takes a few seconds to set up and once you give it a try, you'll never settle for anything less...or should we say anything but less?

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