#FF - The 5 Funniest Fashion Tumblrs

#FF - The 5 Funniest Fashion Tumblrs
(Photo via Shoe Kitten)

TGIF! Relax, kick off those heels, and get prepared for the most amazing thing ever—you're going to love what we have in store for our first-ever Follow Friday edition.

From a blog dedicated to models who look like they've just—um, how do we say this nicely—farted... to a bunch of potty-mouthed fashionistos, check out the five most hilarious fashion Tumblrs you need to follow right now.

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Models Who Look Like They Just Farted: There's pretty much no commentary to be offered here, seeing as the title really says it all. But we'll leave you with this tidbit—never have we ever been so uncomfortably amused in our entire lives. Scroll through and let the giggles commence.

Fashematics: We've never been the biggest fans of arithmetic (cue reoccurring calc-exam nightmares here) but we could spend the entire day solving Fashematics equations. One part bizarre, two parts brilliant—the formula consists of adding two unrelated objects together to form one runway trend.

Real Men Swear: For those who enjoy some foul-mouthed action with their fashion, this menswear blog is all for you. Made complete with profane cartoon-like speech bubbles, it's safe to say this Tumblr makes us lose our $%*&!

LOLanvin: Its slogan reads, "Who Says Fashion Can't Be Funny?" and we couldn't agree more. Following in the footsteps of #whatshouldwecallme, LOLanvin's on-the-money .gif-and-caption combos make us—well, do we even need to say it?—LOL. A lot.

Shoe Kitten: Shoes? Love. Kittens? Love! Designer shoes plus cute kittens in the most-nonsensical-yet-absurdly-incredible .gifs ever? Um, amazeballs! There's only one thing that could make the Valentino-meets-kitty cuteness better. We wonder, will Choupette ever get a grand debut?

These are all absolutely incredible, right?! Which is your favorite? And what other funny fashion blogs do you love? Leave your suggestions in the comments or tweet us @StyleBistro with the hashtag #FF!