#FF — Five Models to Follow on Twitter

(Source: Naomi Campbell Instagram, Chrissy Teigen Instagram, Coco Rocha Instagram, Karlie Kloss Instagram, Jourdan Dunn Instagram) A whirl of runway shows, photo shoots and international flights, a model's life has long been a subject of intrigue. Today, Twitter provides an unprecedented look into the days and nights of modeling's biggest stars, sharing their musings on everything from food and politics to family and reality TV. Yes, they're famous for their work on catwalks and in front of cameras, but they also have a lot to say. In the case of these five models, we're always listening.

Naomi Campbell (@NaomiCampbell)      
(Source: Naomi Campbell Twitter) A supermodel decades before Twitter even existed, Campbell tweets about her career and Oxygen Network show, The Face, allowing a whole new generation of fans to join #TeamNaomi.  

Jourdann Dunn (@missjourdandunn
(Source: Jourdan Dunn Twitter)Snaps from her Life + Times coking web series Well Dunn and an endless stream of jokes make Miss Dunn's handle a perennial favorite. 

Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss
(Source: Karlie Kloss Twitter)Just as likely to share photos from Fashion Week as she is an article from the Wall Street Journal, Kloss' feed is filled with missives from all facets of her life, including warm sentiments about her family and references to her St. Louis upbringing.

Coco Rocha (@cocorocha
(Source: Coco Rocha Twitter)An ardent advocate for young models' rights, Rocha often takes to Twitter to promote her cause. Pics with her friend, Zac Posen, and husband, James Conran, are customary, too.

Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen)   
(Source: Chrissy Teigen Twitter)Teigen's unfiltered sense of humor has made her modeling's reigning funny girl, while a penchant for all things food related has amplified her culinary cred. More than 400,000 followers are privy to her no holds barred tweets.