Site Spotlight: Doobop

Site Spotlight: Doobop(Source: Doobop; HapsatouSy 'À bout de force?' Shampoo, $20; Free Your Mane Glimmering Pomade, $35; Comfort Zone Active Pureness Cleansing Gel, $39.50)Having spent much of their careers poring over shampoos, eye shadows and skin creams, beauty-industry vets Benjamin Bernet and Jodie Patterson knew something in their field was amiss: the most visible and readily available products hardly served the needs of an ethnically diverse clientele. The two envisioned a one-stop shop for beauty finds to fill the void, and created just that with online boutique Doobop.

Launched in November and based in New York City, the site boasts offerings such as Lamik concealer formulated for a wide spectrum of skin tones ($32), vitamin B5-infused HapsatouSY shampoo ($20) and Comfort Zone rebalancing facial cleanser ($39.50). A range of bath, skin and hair products from Patterson’s own line, Georgia, are available too ($20–$60).

Site Spotlight: Doobop(Source: Doobop; Jodie Patterson and Benjamin Bernet) While Bernet and Patterson bring years of expertise to Doobop—he as a former senior beauty marketing executive and she as an owner of a now-closed brick-and-mortar beauty shop—selecting the site’s merchandise is a collaborative effort. The duo routinely consults with 100+ women tapped to test products, and calls on experts to share their favorite brands and create Doobop-exclusive hairstyling, makeup and skincare videos.

If you arrive at the site unsure of which products best suit you, simply click through the online consultation feature. After answering a few questions about your complexion, skin type, hair texture and grooming habits, a selection of finds tailored to your needs appears on screen.

Site Spotlight: Doobop(Source: Doobop; Lamik Brightening Cream $21; Georgia Luxury Face Oil, $45; Becca Matte Lip Colour, $24) Shipping is free and all orders arrive with two complimentary samples. Additionaly, purchases benefit more than your beauty stash: For every order placed, Doobop donates $1 to Community of Unity, an NYC-based nonprofit that empowers young people through academic programs, wellness centers, summer camps and more.