#TBT: That Time Bey Killed It With Mixed Prints

#TBT: That Time Bey Killed It With Mixed Prints(Source: Bauer Griffin)When you're Beyonce, you roll into a St. Tropez beach club barefoot with your entourage, clad in a getup of clashing patterns, animal print and gold chains. And when you're Beyonce, the result is utterly flawless. 

We mere mortals can take a cue from Queen Bey's vacay style. The look screams "Spring Break!" and would look just as adorable on the shores of the Atlantic as the sidewalk cafes of Santa Monica. With a few small tweaks no more drastic than the addition of shoes, we could picture rocking this look long into summer. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z at Club 55
The whole thing is worth a quick study. Beyonce's golden mane is perfectly undone. A top knot could have worked just as well, but nothing fancier. And note the prints: sure, they're all over the place, but they share the same color family. Same is true of Mrs. Carter's leopard-print bag, which works because the hues are dusty and muted. With her shorts, it's an elegant conversation.

But before we end, let's give some credit to Jay-Z. His printed trunks are part of this equation, and way too cute to pass over. With his simple white shirt and kicks, he sounds off as the perfect ying to his wife's yang.