#FF - Pinterest's Fashion Week Hub (aka The Most Amazing NYFW Board Ever!)

Chado Ralph Rucci Spring 2013 (Photos by Getty/Illustration by Tanya Leigh Washington)

New York Fashion Week is T-minus six days away! Are you ready for it?

Even if you can't be a part of the hubbub IRL this year, the masterminds of the Interwebs have dreamt up a whole new way for you to get in on all the backstage, front row, and runway action going down at Lincoln Center. (That is, in addition to our behind-the-scenes, in-the-trenches coverage you should totally keep tabs on right here next week.)

Say hello to the most amazing thing to happen to Pinterest ever—Pinterest's Fashion Week Hub!

The social sharing site has teamed up with more than 100 fashion influencers—designers, bloggers, magazines, beauty brands, you name it—to create a gigantic monster-board, if you will, that houses all of Fashion Month's must-see looks and tips from the shows.

Basically, it's a pin-addict's dream. Everyone from Eva Chen to Michael Kors to Maybelline have already began adding to their boards, so what are you waiting for? Pop on over to Pinterest.com/fashionweek to get a leg up on the scene.

A warning, you might want to do some finger stretches first. It's that intense.