Raptors in Hats Appear When You Type This Code on 'Vogue' UK's Website

(Vogue UK)

Let's all tip our hats to ShortList Magazine editor Jonathan Pile, for he has brought us the most delightful thing on the internet today.

The discovery that, when you type the Konami code — a famous video game cheat — on British Vogue's website...


A raptor in a hat appears, just to the right of Kate Moss, and dashes across the screen.

Sometimes she's wearing a cloche.

And sometimes, she'll be in a fedora sort of mood.

And sometimes, if you're very lucky, she'll put on something more...architectural.

The Konami code also works on British GQ's website, where a raptor in a very dapper suit shows up, and on Wired UK, where Nyan Cat flies over the daily news, trailing rainbow dust from its magic poptart. Forget work, you guys. Let's try this out on every British Conde Nast site. Ready? Go!
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