#FF - The Best Coco Rocha Lipstick Memes From This Week's Episode of 'The Face'

(Photo by Getty)

This week on The Face some major dramz went down between Naomi Campbell and Coco Rocha — surprise, surprise? — and it all cumulated into one big, gigantic blowout over (drumroll, please...) Coco's lipstick. Yes, her lipstick.

To give some backstory ICYMI, in this week's challenge the models had to face a round of interviews with Wendy Williams and one of Naomi's girls is asked what the name of her eye shadow is. Her Ulta eye shadow — Ulta, as in the brand The Face winner will rep. Well, she doesn't know it, and ultimately tells Wendy the shade is "Ulta Special Purple." Let's just say that doesn't Google all too well.

Anywho, Karolina's team wins and Naomi's all pouty about it, and more or less decides to take that infamous temper of hers out on Coco. Coco tries to defend her team, noting that at least her girls know what shade of makeup they wear. And Naomi tells Coco she's a big, fat liar — and, basically, that her bright purple lipstick sucks.

Watch the situation unfold, below:

So, as the Interwebs is wont to do after such absurdness — memes were made! Check out a few of the most hilarious ones below, and be sure to follow Rocha's blog Oh So Coco for her own first-person recaps of the show. They're gems, obviously.

There's a creepy Coco lipstick rainbow:

A .GIF progression of the verbal throwdown, Coco's eye roll included:

And the "Leave Britney Alone" remake of the above said progression:

The Dos Equis dude quoting Coco:

This little guy throwing some serious shade:

Of course, Condescending Wonka had to get involved:

Happy Friday!