Gucci Teams Up With Myspace. In Other News, Myspace is Still Around.

Here's a sentence we never thought we'd write about a luxury brand in 2013: Gucci has teamed up with Myspace.

Yes, it's true. The Italian fashion house is working with Myspace on the launch of Gucci Sync—a $495 watch specially designed and targeted for a younger, music-obsessed customer.

Available in two sizes—large or XXL—and four colors: white, red, black, and blue, each watch prominently displays the brand's GG logo. And instead of launching exclusively in Gucci boutiques or at specialty retailers, Gucci's getting all democratic and stuff—Gucci Sync is currently available on

Anyway, where does Myspace come in? Check out the Gucci Sync Myspace profile, a social network built on connecting people through music discovery. The page features a Myspace-produced Gucci video and will also feature collaborations with emerging artists, Gucci ambassadors, and their playlists.
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