Site Spotlight: ASAP54

Site Spotlight: ASAP54(Source: ASAP54) You’ve likely been there before: You’re walking down the street, headed to work or dinner or a sample sale, when you see a fellow pedestrian in something your closet yearns for. Perhaps it’s a crisp shirtdress or a distressed leather jacket; regardless, you need purchasing details stat. This story often ends with the person you’re eyeing fading into the distance while you lament not getting any info about their outfit, but new app ASAP54 is writing a different conclusion.

Take a picture of any look you spy on the street and, using visual recognition technology, ASAP54 will scan its database of more than 150 retailers and lead you to websites where the exact item is available online. If the piece in question isn’t found, an in-house team of stylists will provide alternative suggestions within 24 hours. Additionally, a ‘follow’ function allows you to see what other ASAPers are coveting and shopping for.

Site Spotlight: ASAP54(Source: ASAP54) The hybrid fashion, e-commerce and social-media venture was dreamed up last year by Sao Paulo native Daniela Cecilio. Now based in London, Cecilio built her style acumen as COO of, which was founded by her husband, José Neves. A frustration with not being able to find things she often admired inspired the app, which counts Barneys, J. Crew and The Outnet among the shopping sites it scours. 

If you’re wary of discreetly photographing strangers—which is completely understandable, even in the name of fashion—you can take a picture of anything that strikes your fancy and ASAP54 works all the same. A pattern seen in a fabric store window, an artful book cover or a bold nail polish color will all yield a selection of wearable finds in similar hues or prints.  

Currently available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the app is free and can be downloaded here.