#FF—Five Instagram Accounts for Seeing the World with Style

#FF—(Source: Instagram/4thandbleeker, chufy)With summer travel in full swing, we have the itch to see the world. We haven't necessarily planned anything big, but these handles have us yearning for a one-way ticket with a suitcase full of effortlessly cool looks

(Source: alixcherry/Instagram)This pretty Parisian handle from the blogger behind The Cherry Blossom Girl is like a dreamy colorful cloud of twirling dresses, turquoise skies and flowery fields. (Yes, it's that visually stimulating.) It seems she only travels to the most colorful of cities, somehow bringing the sunshine with her wherever she goes.  

#FF(Source: Instagram/theloveassembly)Truly a lovely assembly of inspiration and advice on where to travel, what to eat and how to look good doing it—all in that minimalistic, raw, beauty-follows-function sort of way that the founder of The Love Assembly, Aubrey Daquinag, is so good at.

#FF(Source: Instagram/gerenlockhart)Geren Lockhart's Insta handle seemingly doubles as her inspiration board, pairing vintage photos of her favorite stylish celebs with snapshots of her current life and travels. This jet-setting fashion designer (known to book a flight just to keep her elite flying status) clearly gets her style inspiration from traveling the world.

#FF(Source: Instagram/4thandbleeker)Who says you can't do everything and do it well? Alexandra Spencer seems to have no trouble balancing her life as an editor, photographer, stylist, model and, well, heavy partier, as displayed on her Insta feed. This beauty is definitely having the most fun, and we're just lucky to follow along to see the world through her eyes.

#FF—(Source: Instagram/chufy)You'd expect someone that's often named one of Vogue's best dressed such as Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea to be impeccably stylish when she travels—her Insta just also happens to capture a contagious energy (that we can't get enough of).

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