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It's hard to believe how long we've been keeping up with the Kardashians. Since 2007, to be exact. And when we say Kardashians, of course we mean the whole crew — the Jenners not excluded. While we became acquainted with their personalities on our screens, we also started to get a regular dose of their red carpet style. In fact, we watched Kendall and Kylie grow up right before our eyes.

Of course, these women are natural born beauties, but it's fun to see how their image has transformed over the past decade. It's even refreshing to take a look back at their less polished ensembles, when they were just entering the fame scene and wearing the same trends we all were. Before the lip fillers, before the botox, before the waist-trainers, before the laser hair removal... Read on for a flashback of the ladies we see so frequently we often forget how much they've changed.