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The greatest thing about the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards is how fearless the fashion is. Celebs can wear bold trends, bright colors, and unusual silhouettes they might be less inclined to try somewhere like the Oscars. Of course, it's still a formal event, but it beckons creative style that truly stands out.

So let's take a look back at the bravest sartorial moments from Golden Globes past, shall we? You'll notice some ladies like Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson make multiple appearances on our "most daring" list. Remember Halle Berry's lingerie-inspired Nina Ricci dress? Or Angelina Jolie's emerald Versace number? In fact, some stars even cement their fashion icon status on this very red carpet, like when Lupita Nyong'o made her 2014 appearance wearing that legendary caped red gown from Ralph Lauren.

Some looks you'll love, some you won't, but they're all unforgettable in their own unique way. And hey, that's what fashion is all about, isn't it? Take a look and decide for yourself which risks paid off, which did not — and which gown you would choose to wear for a walk down this famous red carpet.