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Pat Ward Williams
Pat Ward Williams (born 1948) is a Los Angeles-based contemporary photographer whose work is politically charged and focuses on race relations, violence, and the lives of African-Americans in the U.S.

In her photographs, she uses mixed media, often creating collages weaved with text. One of her most famous pieces is Accused/Blowtorch/Padlock (1986), which consists of a photo of a black man bound to a tree that was originally published in Life magazine in 1937. She surrounded the photo with a series of phrases and questions, leading the viewer to question what they're observing.

Williams explained, "I force the viewer to look at what is really going on by dissecting the important body of information and by directing with text what the viewer should notice: the tied hands (accused), the scarred back (blowtorch), and the lock, chain, and tree (padlock)."