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The Grammy Awards may be about music, but they're also about fashion. Before the show starts and the guests take their seats, celebrities parade down the red carpet ready to face the hoards of flashing lights and onlookers calling their names. This is their moment to really strut their stuff, so whether they're with their significant other or hitting the carpet solo, this is their time to shine.

That's why celebrities show up looking their absolute best, picking outfits they believe capture their vibe and current look. I mean, these people are entertainers after all, so you better believe they take their appearance pretty seriously.

Over the years we've had our fair share of notable Grammy outfits, from Jennifer Lopez's green Versace dress with the (very) plunging neckline, to TLC's mix-and-match ensembles — Grammy fashion has never failed to make a lasting impression. 

We took a look back at the '90s and '00s to bring you the most famous, or infamous, Grammy outfits. While not all are up to current fashion standards, they all are, without a doubt, iconic.