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Kids these days put iPhones, Uggs, and robotic pets on their holiday wish lists, but 50 years ago it was all about the Easy-Bake Oven and G.I. Joes.

Remember those days? When a wholesome game of Twister or a stocking filled with Hot Wheels equated to pure joy? Glued to tablets and game consoles, children born today are missing out on some of the simple pleasures enjoyed decades ago.

Proof? We've gathered the most popular toys since 1963 up to 2016. Take a walk down memory lane and a be prepared to get hit with some serious nostalgia about growing up in a different era. What did you ask Santa for when you were a little tike? What did you hope was waiting under that tree come Christmas morning?

See how far holiday gifts have come over the years by taking a look at the hottest toys from the year you were born and beyond. Go on, bonus fun facts await you.