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Every year, the Academy Awards honor the best in film, with categories touching on everyone from the actors and actresses to the writers and directors. Though there are quite a few award shows that cover this industry, none are as highly revered as the Academy Awards. The Oscars are considered the be-all end-all, with taking home a golden statuette as the highest proof of success.

While every category carries a huge amount of respect, there is no denying that the top award is the Academy Award for Best Picture. The final award of the night, it's the most highly anticipated by industry professionals and viewers alike. It goes without saying that some pretty exceptional films have won throughout the years, in genres ranging from comedy-dramas to historical epics. 

These films earned bragging rights for the year in which they won, but also for all time. Let's take a look back at the top films from Oscars past — here are the Academy Award winners for Best Picture from the year you were born.

Please note: The year corresponds to the year the film was released. The Academy Award ceremony, when each film received the award, took place the following year.