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Our names are such a huge part of our identity, that most of us couldn't imagine being called by anything else. Yet, that sentiment may not resonate in the world of celebrities, where it seems like the same rules don't always apply. In fact, with celebrities, it almost seems more common than not to change your name. Who knew a total name change could be such a casual thing? 

Of course, there are some celebrities where it's pretty obviously their stage name is not their given name (hi, Lady Gaga), but I bet there are a ton you didn't even know. Yet, for whatever reason, these celebs changed their names, with some selecting a variation of their given name and others creating one almost entirely from scratch.

Do you know which celeb was given the name Destiny Hope? How about Onika Tanya? I think it's safe to say not all A-listers are exactly who they say they are. Here are the real names of your favorite celebrities. This is one sneaky bunch.