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You'll be hard-pressed to find a TV show that doesn't have a romantic storyline (really, try to name one), and because of that, we have been graced with an innumerable amount of TV couples. I guess we're all just hopeless romantics, or at least glued to the drama of other people's relationships. 

Young and old, heterosexual and same-sex, we've been given all of it. And while there is absolutely still room to grow, it's been great seeing how TV couples have gotten more progressive over the years.

Whether the shows are comedy or drama, there's no denying these TV couples have kept us coming back each and every week for more. There are old-school classics like Lucy and Ricky, modern favorites like Jim and Pam, and too many teen couples to count (four epic ones from The O.C. alone), and we've grown to love, or love-hate, every one. 

Here are the top 50 TV couples, and why we still love them today.