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Danika Ransome
Danika writes profoundly honest posts about mental and physical disabilities, reminding everyone struggling that they are not alone.

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Her words: I grew up hating myself.
Forever feeling useless, like I could have done more to fight the bullies, like I could have done more to prevent myself becoming mentally ill.
But in reality I was a child, wrestling most days with my own mind and my environment.
Body image is of course highly linked to our mental health, living with bpd (Undiagnosed until my early 20’s) 
It’s hard to see your true self, sense of self isn’t something I had any familiarity with. So when people berated me for the shape of my body, I believed this body was unacceptable for this world.
So I shrunk myself as much as I could, physically and mentally. Fat. Fat. Fat. Fat. Followed by more insults daily, I learned that fat was the worst thing I could possibly be in life.
I harmed this body in so many ways to cope with the mental illness I was living with, but when I threw up from drinking too much my instant thought was “yes, I’m going to lose weight.” In those moments as much of a mess I was I felt achievement, my brain automatically jumped to those thoughts every time I was sick for a very long time. Sometimes it’s hard not to fall back into old patterns, sometimes those thoughts creep back.
Why would I celebrate putting my body through that? Why would I ever say “at least I’ve lost weight” after weeks of being ill with the flu? Why would I celebrate being ill? I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and my body from a young age, because we are taught that we should despise our bodies if they are not what the media portrays are the perfect body.
The media is teaching your sons and daughters to hate themselves before they have a chance to develop self love.
The media is teaching people that it’s okay to berate and judge other people’s bodies and make them feel less than.
I think it’s well overdue that we question this and how toxic it is, and how dangerous it is.
I’m learning self love and self worth, I’m learning to adopt a better relationship with food. 
Disordered eating and bpd better watch out, I won’t shrink myself anymore.