Keah Brown
Keah is a journalist, book-fanatic, has cerebral palsy and is the creator of the #disabledandcute hashtag. The most telling descriptor of her, though, is "hope enthusiast."

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Her words: When you don’t see positive representations of yourself in mainstream media, because that’s what our culture is influenced by, you have a tough time trying to navigate the world. I know it’s hard to get through the day a lot of times, and I know that you’re different from everybody else. But you know what? Those differences make you beautiful. And some days that can be tough to remember, but every day try to find something that you like about yourself. Then find another thing, and another, and another. Go after the thing you want, and don’t think of yourself as a burden, or something to be taken care of, or an obstacle to be moved past. Who you are and all that you are, is enough.