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Imogen May
Born with a genetic impairment and having battled an eating disorder, Imogen now shares her inspiring journey to body positivity with a fierce community of supporters on Instagram.

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Her words: I love the community I am part of here. I love the people I’ve met and I am so grateful for the things I’ve learnt in the past year alone. My own journey to recovery and in tern the political movement of body positivity came out of the blue, almost a desperation for there to be something other than starvation. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to know that a body of people who felt exactly like I did already existed. Not only that, but under the surface I found an even more wonderful group of politically engaged, angry, intersectional woman who understood my radical views on disability and taught me how to be radical about all bodies. Honestly, to those women I can never fully express the joy I felt, not just knowing that my own radical theory was accepted but encouraged and shared on a platform I loved being part of. I have been challenged and called out, I’ve been educated and supported, I’ve been nourished and understood. And in turn I’ve given back all I could to those around me. To all the people who put their faith in my message and in my words, who listened to what I had to say and supported me as I said it. That is magic. It is also hard work. It’s tiering and it’s emotionally draining.