Georgina Layton
Georgina has a travel accessibility blog and will brighten your feed with her tearjerking reminders that every body is lovely and sometimes you need to create your own sparkle.

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Her words: Sometimes you have to #makeyourownsparkle! It’s often hard to #loveyourbody when you’re disabled; no jazzy clothing can fully draw attention away from the fact that your legs don’t work and you use a wheelchair. No amount of makeup can take the pain away from your eyes. No beaming smile can detract from the constant nausea inside your stomach. With chronic conditions casting a shadow on your life, it is often hard to see the light and beauty in your situation and your body. So this is your daily reminder that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE WORTHY and YOU ARE LOVED! You are not your disability or illness; it does not define you. Please stand (or sit!) alongside me and give a big #effyourbeautystandards to the model industry that preaches that disabled bodies are imperfect or flawed. Our #disabledbeauty is just as radiant, just as memorable and just as PERFECT.