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As they say, you only live once. This is a fact. Our time on this earth is so limited and so fleeting that before you know it, you’ll be 70 years old wondering where it all went. Yes, that’s a cliché way of putting things, but sometimes clichés make a point.

Because that’s the case, it’s your job to make the most out of every single second of your life. You need to travel, meet new people, do things that scare you, and, of course, compile a list of all the sex-related things you’d like to be to cross off your bucket list before you leave this life behind. If you’re not sure where you’d even start with such a list, then allow me to help you out.

Here are 23 things to put on your sex bucket list right now. That way, you can get started as early as tomorrow.

(If you’ve already covered a few of these, then good for you! If you’ve covered them all, then I’d really like to shake your hand.)