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Believe it or not, the original My Little Pony and those beloved Cabbage Patch Kids came into this world 35 years ago. And Furbies are close to celebrating their 20th birthday! Feeling old yet? Well, hold onto your beanie babies, this is going to be a wild ride into your past.

Remember your inner artist rejoicing with a Lite-Brite in your hands? Or geeking out on those Star Wars or Batman figurines you always wanted for your birthday? How about working up a sweat with that old skip-it or killing a dispenser full of pez?

Whether you collected state of the art gadgets or cuddly bears, take a look at these nostalgic dolls and doodads and find out how rich you'd be if you still had them. Hey, if you're lucky, your parent's basement may still be harboring some mighty valuable treasures. Enough to pay off that mortgage! Or at least cover a couple runs to Whole Foods.