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If you ask me, one can never have enough glitter. So when the whimsical beauty trend known as glitter freckles began to surface on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as in the festival fashion circuit, I was, understandably, amazed and intrigued. (Just like I am, still, by trends like glitter roots and and holographic nails. Like I said –– never enough glitter.)

From shimmering flecks resembling gold dust to a kaleidoscope of colors ranging across the spectrum, this beauty trend is anything but boring. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that glitter and rainbow freckles will make you forget all about temporary tattoos. Flash tats are so last festival season.

Click ahead for all the shimmery faux freckles inspo you need to prove why this quirky makeup trend has taken the beauty world by storm. (Image via Pinterest.)