Meet Scotland's Newest Ambassadors: Shetland Ponies in Cardigans!

(Courtesy Visit Scotland) Shetland ponies Fivla and Vitamin sport their custom-made sweaters

Say hello to Scotland's newest ambassadors—no, not some stiff in a suit or a random celebrity spokesperson. Meet Shetland ponies Fivla and Vitamin, natives of the Thorndale Shetland Driving Centre, and wearers of adorable pony-size cardigans—custom-knit for them by Scottish knitter Doreen Brown from Shetland wool.

Fivla and Vitamin are helping Scotland out by promoting the country's Year of Natural Scotland—when artists, writers, and other super-creatives come together to celebrate Scotland's "cultural and creative diversity."

You can get more information on the Year of Natural Scotland right here. Or, if you really only care about the ponies, check out more of their glamour shots, below:

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