These Copper-Infused Shoes Mimic the Benefits of Barefoot Walking—Would You Try Them?

(Courtesy: Juil) Who doesn't love a beautiful barefoot stroll along the beach? But when it comes to barefoot strolls on earth or pavement, most of us turn up our noses. Enter "earthing." Otherwise known as "grounding," barefoot walking is a hot wellness spa trend, simply because it connects us to the earth's magnetic, healing properties. Like taking a vitamin, our bodies can absorb certain valuable electrons from the earth through barefoot contact.

If the idea of skipping shoeless down a busy urban street doesn't appeal to you, earthing or grounding shoes that are equipped with copper conductors within the toes and heels offer a protective alternative. To help you stay balanced, these copper dots act as a conduit between your body and the earth.

If you're thinking of trying grounding shoes on for size, look no further than Juil. Developed over five years of research with designers, engineers, and footwear experts, the company makes grounding sandals that are as stylish as they are effective––using responsibly sourced, vegetable-dyed leathers, of course.

Check out some of our favorite Juil styles below, and let us know in our poll: Would you try grounding?

Poll: Would You Try Earthing Sandals?
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  • Totally, Especially When They Look This Chic.
  • I'll Stick With My Barefoot Walks On The Beach.
Cosi, $89

Saffi, $79Luna sandal, $89