Elastic Lacing Systems Are All the Rage, But Would You Try Them?

(Source: Hickies; The Hickies elastic lacing system, $14.99)Whether you're into colorful laces, customizing your kicks, or want to turn your sneakers into a super trendy (and convenient) slip-on, a bevy of new sneaker accessories can liven up your footwear with a very useful fitness-related benefit: you don't have to worry about your laces untying while you run, dance, or workout. However, are they sturdy enough to support your routine? Check out the options, and vote in our poll below to let us know if you'd try these funky elastic lacing systems.

First, meet Brooklyn-based lifestyle company Hickies, which introduces snazzy footwear accessories that are both stylish and functional. Its core product is the Hickies elastic lacing system ($14.99). Officially known as a Memory Fit Performance Elastomer, these one-size-fits-all laces adapt to the size of your shoes, and automatically contract with the movement of your foot.  

Also on the laces tip, U-Lace's classic rainbow of colorful shoelaces ($3.49) come in more than 50 colors that you can mix and match, making them ideal for creativity, individuality, and self-expression. On a practical note, they also stay tied.

(Source: U-Lace)
Poll: Would You Try Funky Sneaker Accessories?
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