7 Crazy Things That Definitely Make You Crazy

Crying and showing emotion doesn't make you crazy, but these things FOR SURE do.

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We are all guilty of being a little crazy sometimes. Whether it’s because we’ve had an awful day or someone was awful to us, we’re all very capable of snapping… and when we do, look out! Crazy people can be pretty charming, but they can also be dangerous, too.

While guys love to throw around the word “crazy” when it comes to women, crazy is a bit more complicated than – gasp! – showing emotions or crying. That’s not what makes for a crazy person.

But you know what does? These seven things (taken from some of the craziest movies out there), for starters. 

1. Boiling your ex-boyfriend’s daughter's bunny.

7 Crazy Things That Definitely Make You Crazy

When you're dumped, you're angry. You are viciously, out of your mind angry. You want to break things, burn things, set the whole world on fire and watch it burn baby burn like a disco inferno! However, reaching for an innocent creature and sticking it in a pot of boiling hot water is crazy… and cruel and inhumane and it’s just a baby bunny! In other words, leave the bunny alone.

2. Dressing in the skin of dead people.

7 Crazy Things That Definitely Make You Crazy

When we experience a loss, there’s sometimes comfort in sleeping with a sweatshirt that person left behind. And that’s totally normal. But where things get a little batty is when you hunt that person down, remove their skin, and start wearing it. Not only does that person need their skin, for all obvious reasons, but honestly sweatshirts are far cozier and are easier to keep clean and maintain than skin.

3. Trying to feed a stray cat to an ATM.

7 Crazy Things That Definitely Make You Crazy

If there’s one thing to be taken away from #1, it’s that causing harm to animals is always crazy. While it may seem like a great idea in the moment, especially since the ATM is telling you to feed it a stray cat, it’s just wrong. And only something Patrick Bateman would do, which isn’t saying much for you if you try to do it, too.

4. Kidnapping an author and making him write you a book.

7 Crazy Things That Definitely Make You Crazy

Listen, I get it. If F. Scott Fitzgerald were still alive, I’d have him chained to my desk right now writing a book inspired me. I would! And that would be crazy; I know it would be. So if your favorite author goes off the road in a snowstorm and you just happen to be passing by because you were stalking them, it’s best if you just call 911 instead of dragging them home to write you a book. I’m serious.

5. Starting a fight club with an imaginary friend.

7 Crazy Things That Definitely Make You Crazy

Aggression happens. After a bad day, you really do want to punch a wall in, and that’s totally fine. You may even want to start a fight club which, also, isn’t all that bad. Where things get crazy is when you start that fight club with an imaginary person and you make everyone in that club call you “Sir," while planning to destroy the world. I feel like that should just be basic common sense, but maybe it isn't for some people. 

6. Writing an entire book by repeating one sentence over and over.

7 Crazy Things That Definitely Make You Crazy

Writer’s block is a bitch. No one is denying that. However, if you end up writing an entire book, page after page, hundreds of pages, of the same sentence about how you’re a dull boy, it’s crazy. Especially if you’re not dull… and not a boy. But hey, it’s your book! You can be whatever you want in it! Just, you know, give it a few other sentences… or something.

7. Living with your mother even though she’s been dead for a decade.

7 Crazy Things That Definitely Make You Crazy

I’m extremely close to my mother. I adore her! And, yes, I probably would like to keep her with me always, even after she’s dead, because I think I’m a great conversationalist for both of us. But I won't. Why? Because that’s crazy. Living with dead people is crazy. As is dressing up like your mom and killing people unfortunate enough to stay at your hotel. So, don’t do that either.

See? You're not so crazy after all.

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