Is Your Sleep Struggle Real? Here's An Easy Way To Fix That

Spoiler alert: Your old mattress might be doing more harm than you think.

For as long as I can recall, I've found it hard to fall asleep at night. Maybe it's because I'm a chronic night owl — I've always loved the magic of the night, which is certainly poetic during the witching hours, but in my waking adult life translates to hitting snooze a million and one times every morning. (You know, because I also happen to be an employed and at times even functional citizen of today's society.) Chances are I've even engaged in activities that actively make it harder to fall asleep. I mean, who hasn't scrolled their various social feeds past 9PM, bathing in the glow of the blue light emanating from a beloved electronic device?

And for another, I've had the same mattress since college, which probably doesn't help. Considering the fact that I graduated over four years ago, it could be worse, but it could also definitely be better. I know, I know — I should have invested in a proper mattress sooner. After all, the first step in getting a good night's sleep can be as simple as investing in the right tools to make that happen. (Or something.) 

That's where my new Morphiis mattress comes in. 


There's a lot to be said for the bed-in-a-box trend of recent years. And if you're like me, which means you're just not really into the whole mattress shopping scene, it's a godsend. Because, right off the bat? You can get this mattress delivered straight to your house. Once mine was delivered via UPS, I somehow managed to push it up the stairs without the help of any of my roommates (still don't know how I managed to pull that one off, but I'm pretty damn proud of myself regardless). Even better? Somehow, quite magically, my new Morphiis mattress didn't take hours to uncurl after I removed it from the bag it came in.

How It Works 

Fully customizable, with over 60 different "firmness options", this thing is the real deal. It comes with a range of removable foam inserts you can switch out according to your body's needs. The inserts have different height and firmness options — soft, moderate, or firm — so that you can even optimize each side of the bed according to your partner's comfort levels. I'm sure I'd do this if I lived with a partner, but for now I've been sleeping in a dramatically and gloriously spread-eagled fashion, and I am not at all mad about it. 

Worth It?

Guess what else? After just a week of sleeping on it, that niggling lower pain in my back is almost nonexistent. I toss and turn less throughout the night (and yes, this is a big deal for a chronic insomniac and generally restless sleeper). Of course, there was an initial adjustment period — I think that can account for the fact that my body just did not know what to do with this magnificent new sleeping arrangement. But once that passed after a few days, I slept the whole night through on my new mattress, as if angels had serenaded me through the pearly gates on a bed of clouds.

Yeah, it's that good.